Game of Thrones x Sewing

Game of Thrones Season 7 is well underway (hooray!). I just wanted to pop in and share my 2 GoT cosplays and 1 GoT inspired dress I made a while back.

My favorite female character is Daenerys (dragons FTW), so I recreated her looks using Simplicity and McCall’s patterns.

Season 2 (Click here for full post)


Season 3 (Click here for full post)




Khaleesi-Inspired Dress (Click here for full post)


Are you keeping up with the shenanigans? Who do you think will take the Iron Throne?

Happy watching!


13 thoughts on “Game of Thrones x Sewing

  1. LOVE IT! I have been wanting to do a GoT cosplay for a long time but seeing as I can’t even finish projects I started two years ago I don’t know if that will happen anytime soon. I’ve wanted to do Dany but gosh darn it if I don’t like Arya’s character more (both in books and TV). I mean, badass women all around though, so no real loser either way. What was your favourite part of episode one? Personally I could not stop smiling for the opening. I think I like your season 3 dress the best. Well done!!!

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    1. Thank you! Arya is totally kick-ass, too! My friends did a Hound and Arya cosplay and they totally killed it (almost literally, lol). I have to agree that the beginning of episode 1 was my favorite. I was confused at first but then it made sense. Oh, Arya!

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