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Who Made It Best with mahlicadesigns – Bronte Top

Are you ready for a little friendly competition? Melissa of mahlicadesigns contacted me about a new blog series she wanted to do – “Who Made It Best?” It sounded like so much fun, I was immediately in!

Who Made It Best is a friendly challenge hosted by Melissa where she pairs up with a fellow blogger and they sew the same pattern to see Who Made It Best. The challenge rules are simple:

1. We agree on a pattern to use

2. Sew it up to suit our personal styles

3. Share it with you and ask you to vote

This week I’m joining Melissa in making up the Bronte Top from Jennifer Lauren Handmade for the challenge. You can check out Melissa’s version in more detail here!

Pose off collage label

The poll will be on both sites and voting is open for a week. To vote, click on the VOTE HERE link at the end of this post.

Whoever wins just gets bragging rights, so it’s a friendly competition.

Melissa was super nice and let me choose which pattern to compete with. I’ve wanted to make the Bronte Top for a while after I received it in my Perfect Pattern Parcel 6 a few years ago, and Melissa had the Bronte Top in her stash, too. Perfect!

After my love affair with Colette’s Moneta Dress, I thought the Bronte Top would be a great pattern to hack into a dress. The neckline is super feminine and I thought it would pair well with the Moneta skirt portion. Plus, the new name of the “Broneta” Dress tickles me.


I used a ponte knit from my stash from which features navy triangles on a white background. I didn’t have any stretch navy in my stash, so I used a black knit instead. I know you’re not supposed to mix black and navy, but you can barely tell there are 2 different colors in this dress!


I sewed a size 12 in the Bronte Top and used the size M Moneta skirt. Of course I kept the pockets! Since the Bronte Top isn’t as fitted as the top for the Moneta, the waist is a little bigger. I still sewed it with elastic and I have to say I like the little extra room. These are truly secret pajamas with that added comfort!


After sewing a Broneta Dress, I want to sew a regular Bronte Top since the fit is really good straight out of the package and it would go well with my Winslow Culottes or Simplicity 1109 skirt for work… and I can get away with wearing a T-shirt on business casual days!


I’m so glad I have a new, comfortable, and cute dress! And a huge thanks to Melissa for including me in this fun challenge and giving me a kick in the booty to finally sew this great pattern!

Make sure you visit mahlicadesigns for more pictures and details on her version, then place your vote for Who Made It Best. The poll will be on both sites, so you can see both versions before you choose your favorite. Voting is open for one week.


Thanks for stopping by and may the best Bronte win!



17 thoughts on “Who Made It Best with mahlicadesigns – Bronte Top

  1. I LOVE this dress! I’m going to have to give the moneta a try (I don’t think I like gathering around my waste, but the elastic could be a game changer)…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The gathers aren’t too poofy, so I think it works well for the Moneta. Plus, I kind of like the subtle “babydoll” effect it has on the dress. 🙂


  2. I adore yours. When is Colette going to start giving you kickbacks for all your Moneta love? Now I think I need mash up my favorite dress with the Bronte! Shoreline plus Bronte = Shonte or Broline.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I love yours, too and how you paired it with that cute skirt! You should totally make the Shonte happen – sounds like a great mash-up!

      Dude, I should seriously be getting some kickbacks for being the Moneta poster child, lol! I’m definitely getting my money’s worth out of that pattern!


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Haha Melissa came up with the idea of a “pose-off” when I was getting a little goofy with my MMMay poses. I can’t wait to see your Who Made it Best! Keeping my eyes peeled. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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