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Me-Made-May 2017 Reflections

I’ve participated in Me-Made-May for 3 years straight, and I’m happy to report that yet again I have kept my pledge all month! I wore at least one handmade item per day (sometimes 4!) In total, for the whole month I wore 45 separate handmade items! Wow!

To check out all of my outfits in more detail, check out my weekly posts:

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Challenges: My biggest challenge last year was coming up with work outfits that incorporated me-made items. I focused on sewing more work-appropriate clothes last year. This past month, I never had to think too hard about what I would wear to work the next day. I actually wasn’t able to wear a couple of outfits I had planned because I ran out of days!

Repeats: I repeated 16 items from last year. Notice how I only wore 2 of my many Moneta dresses! I retired a lot of pieces that I forced myself to wear last year and I have to say I felt a lot better about my wardrobe this May. No awkward days in pieces that weren’t really “me.” Also notice I retired the ‘Murica! Dress… it was a little too tight and I am going for comfort in this hot weather! I’ll have to make a super patriotic shirt or pair of shorts to replace it…

You may have noticed some of my outfits recycled the same fabric. I usually over-buy fabric so I am left with big scraps which I end up making another piece of clothing from. I also make sure I absolutely LOVE the fabric I’m purchasing because of this, too!

Photos: I didn’t find taking the daily photos a problem. I barely forgot and mostly just took them right when DD and I got home from work. I’ve learned first-thing-in-the-morning photos aren’t very flattering for my sleepy face and puffy eyes. 😉

Favorite: It’s so hard to pick a favorite outfit for the month, so I’ll go with favorite items. The star of the show was definitely my second pair of Ginger Jeans and the runner-up was my Blackwood Cardigan since I wore those on multiple days (sometimes not photographed for MMMay posts). I think these 2 patterns, along with the Ogden Cami, were pretty much the stars of MMMay ’17 as a whole since I saw many iterations popping up on IG from everyone and their grandma. 🙂 I looove my Ogden Cami and made 2 more (also yet-to-be-blogged) and I definitely have plans to make many, many more.

Goals: Last year, I wanted to incorporate more woven garments into my wardrobe. I have been making more woven tops and dresses, so I consider that goal achieved!

I was hoping to showcase all of my me-made work-out clothes this year, but I only worked out once. I wasn’t feeling well for some of the month and I have been working a lot of overtime, so I really had no energy to get moving after work. Hopefully next year will be a different story!

I also find I need more me-made t-shirts. I usually wear a lot of RTW tees on the weekend and find that some of my handmade tees don’t fit how I like. I’ll focus on making some Grainline Lark Tees and more short-sleeved Lindens.


Well, that about wraps it up! How did you do this year? Even if you didn’t officially participate in MMMay, did you at least pay attention to your handmade wardrobe and find what you might be lacking in pieces? Do share in the comments!

‘Til next time,


9 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2017 Reflections

  1. I love that you make more than one garment of the same fabric. I’ve just done that too! And as you say, if you really love the fabric, it’s just a win all round.
    Still loving you in those culottes – so chic!

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  2. Oh so many heart eyes for the culottes–they look so great on you. I’m glad you persevered with that pattern. I did pretty well sticking mostly to my sudoku grid and then mixing in other handmades with sudoku pieces. By the end of the month, I was tired of my color scheme hightailed it for the warmer colors. So sad for the ‘Murica dress. Ah, well, a chance to reinvent the theme. I have an idea for a 4th dress, but in my mind it’s in ponte which will probably be too hot for July. Form or function…

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I really enjoyed your sudoku/MMMay challenge. I think that’s still too difficult for me to do!

      That was also a problem with the ‘Murica dress… it was pretty toasty for a summer dress. I see CaliFabrics has some stars and tripes spandex… maybe I can have a ‘Murica yoga set or bathing suit!


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