Me Made May

Me-Made-May ’17 Weeks 4-5

We made it! Me-Made-May 2017 is officially over. I’ll write a separate post on MMM17 reflections this weekend, so for now, here’s the rest of my month!

Monday, May 22


Ahhh, the McCall’s Shirt Dress, – always a great choice for the office.

Dress: McCall’s 6696

Tuesday, May 23


DD and I took some time off to go to Denver, CO for a few days. We hung out at a brewery to learn all about commercial brewing. 🙂

Dress: Seamwork Mesa

Leggings: Self-drafted, unblogged

Wednesday, May 24


CO is SO PRETTY. I’m also glad I was able to wear some of my “winter” clothes this May.

Top: Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt

Bottoms: Ginger Jeans, Part 1

Thursday, May 25


Top: Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt

Bottoms: Ginger Jeans, Part 2

Friday, May 26


Brew day! DD and I helped brew a Hefeweizen. I love the smell of baby beer. Mmmmm…

Top: Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee

Bottoms: Ginger Jeans, Part 2

Saturday, May 27


Back home and time to get comfy.

Top: Deer and Doe Plantain

Bottoms: RTW

Sunday, May 28


We spent some time with our cousins on the other side of town, who helped with my MMMay photo of the day. We get a little silly…

Top: Ogden Cami

Monday, May 29


I didn’t even leave the house this day. It was glorious.

Top: Grainline Studio Hemlock

Tuesday, May 30


Back to work… 😦

Dress: Franken-patterned Butterick 5781 and Sewaholic Cambie

As soon as I got home, I changed into my Excer-Fries outfit, for both comfort and hoping it would give me the mojo to hit the yoga mat. Needless to say, I turned to drinking homebrewed beer and sewing instead.


Top: Rub-off pattern from a Walmart workout top

Bottoms: Sewaholic Pacific Leggings

Wednesday, May 31


Thumbs up for a successful MMMAY17!

I ended MMMay ’16 the same way… with my rayon Vogue top! There were still many other me-mades I wanted to wear this month, but I needed to give one of my favorite work tops some love. ❤

Top: Vogue 8815




3 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’17 Weeks 4-5

    1. Thank you! I’ve been pickier with my fabric selection lately – only buying things I don’t think I can live without – since my stash was getting a little out of control. 😉

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