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Deer and Doe Ondee Part Deux

One and a half years ago, I made the Deer and Doe Ondee in a mustard ponte knit from to layer over my summer dresses so I can wear them in cooler seasons. Back then I mused, “I love the texture and the comfort of the ponte knit, so I ordered more in a kelly green. I wonder if I should make another Ondee from it?”

Well, past me, here we are with the answer!


I went for the short-sleeved version and omitted the Peter Pan collar because I will wear my green Ondee with my B&W Gingham Shirt Dress, as seen here.


This was an easy sew except when it came to the neck band. The short-sleeved version has a higher neckline, which I wanted, but it’s supposed to be paired with the collar pieces, so there is no neckband piece drafted for the smaller circumference. I just cut out the neck band for the long-sleeved version and measured the high neckline and trimmed the neck band accordingly. Well, I didn’t make the neck band short enough and it was flopping all over the place. And silly me, I SERGED the whole thing together because I was so confident that I was a genius and didn’t need to baste-check the fit first. Well, 20 minutes of seam-ripping later, I cut off a tiny bit more length from the neck band and tried again, this time basting the pieces together. Nope, still too floppy. Rip, cut, sew, baste…. nope, still floppy but getting better, repeat, rip, repeat… PERFECT! Thank goodness this fabric is beefy and could handle all the abuse I put it through!IMG_1328

I made a straight size 40 this time, as compared to the 40-to-42 for my first Ondee. The fabric is stretchy enough, so sizing down at the waist wasn’t too bad. I like how it nips me in just a little. 😉


I’m digging this look for layering in the office as something different than just throwing a cardigan over my tops and dresses. This also means it makes my Seamwork Catarina Dress now work-appropriate!


I don’t get a whole lot of wear out of my Catarina because I’m not 100% sold on how the top part fits me. I think I made it too baggy. So, layering over it with a cropped pullover fixes everything!


I get so excited when I can wear not one, but TWO me-made items at once! I feel more ready than ever for this year’s Me-Made-May, especially since I’ll have a couple of jeans to play with this go-round. That’s right, I’m working on my second pair of Ginger Jeans!


I’m pretty happy I’ll get more use out of my Catarina, especially since it’s made in the most comfortable rayon of my life! That alone deserves some twirls…

So, how do you layer up at the office? Do you go super-professional with a blazer or keep it simple with a cardigan or pullover? Let me know! Tasso is patiently awaiting reading your comments, too!



18 thoughts on “Deer and Doe Ondee Part Deux

  1. This is such a cutie-patotie sweater! I love it! Also, as someone who has also experienced the misguided confidence that a serger can provide, I feel you on that! hahaha!


  2. Such a cute and useful sweater! Love it! I’m usually a cardigan girl but the little pullover is adorable. Totally feel your pain about creating a new neckline. I did that for my toaster sweaters. I pinned my and knew it was bad. Sergering it on would have brought me to tears to pull it back off. I’m glad you persevered.

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    1. Thanks, Jamie! I was definitely grumbling when I realized I was going to have to rip out the serged neck seam. 😦 But sewing has taught me that I have more patience than I give myself credit for and if I spend a little extra time on fixing something, I know I’ll wear it a lot more and all of that time going into making it doesn’t go to waste.

      I’m now wondering what this would look like with a Grainline Alder Shirtdress? Hmmmm…..?


    1. Thanks! What is it about offices that they can’t seem to stay the right temperature? It’s in the 90’s outside here and our office is set to like 60. What a waste of energy!

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  3. Great idea to put that top over your dress to make it work appropriate! Such a great go to sweater. Might have to make one just like yours:)

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  4. Brilliant idea for getting more wear out of summer stuff! I love the colors of both Ondees that you’ve made, they’re so cheery! (And OMG how cute is Tasso in that last pic?!? ❤ </3 <3)

    And UGH I hate neckband length calculations!!!! HATE. Now I wing it: I start at my CB with an un-sewn neckband (so it's a big long strip of fabric, not a circle) and stretch and pin all the way around until I get back to the CB; then I sew the neckband into a loop and go back and sew it to the neckline. It's way less annoying than unpicking, which I've definitely had to do in the past. I haven't done that method with a v-neck yet, but I bet you could if you just wait until you've pinned the band around the neck to sew the "V" seam in the front…I'll have to try that! 😉

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  5. Ah so cute! You look like Nancy Drew! I work with kids so my most appropriate layer is the high-waisted Gingers – I can get down on the floor without even a hint of plumber’s crack. Once I solved that issue, I just let the top half take care of itself. ^^

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    1. Thank you! Although I admit my mystery-solving skills could use some work. 😉

      High-waisted Gingers are great for that! I’m kicking around the idea of high-waisted Ginger shorts, but mostly so I can make and wear crop tops while maintaining decency. ❤


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