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The Ultimate Lounge/Active Wear Duo

I’ve finally come to a point in my blogging where I’m starting to get a little paranoid about posting the same pattern makes over and over and losing the interest of my readers. Other bloggers have expressed this same fear, but continue to post their TNTs because… well… YOLO. I still love reading about their TNT makes anyway so you know what? YOLO! Time for more Lindens and Hudsons!


This is my first time making the short sleeved/cropped version of Grainline’s Linden Sweatshirt. It’s just as easy and comfy as the long-sleeved ones I’ve made!


It’s not a fitted top, but I don’t know any of Grainline’s tops or dresses that are actually fitted. This turns the comfy factor WAYYY up. Although not the most flattering silhouette, I don’t really care. Comfort is king, yo.

I used the Girl Charlee French Terry from my Scrappy Linden. It’s so breezy! This top came about when I was thinking I needed more comfortable tops for my yoga workouts at home. I also needed a transitional pajama top for these cool spring nights.


Check out that crop action! I’m wearing my high-waisted Ginger Jeans with these and if this top makes it out of the house, I need to pair it with these jeans for sure. I’m not used to showing off belly skin (despite my Little Mermaid Yoga Set post) so I would get a little self-conscious pairing the S/S Linden with lower-rise pants. This is making me think I need to make a pair of high-rise Ginger Jean shorts with summer right around the corner!


I sewed a size 8 and think I may take in the sides a bit when I make this again. It’s feeling a little trapeze-y to me, but I think I can live with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


In the spirit of stash-busting, I made the True Bias Hudson pants out of the rest of the French Terry scraps!


This is the ultimate lounge wear duo, in my opinion. These are the 5th pair of Hudsons I’ve made (and the 4th Linden) and I don’t think I’m stopping there. These Hudsons were also borne out of my need for seasonal transitional pajamas and home yoga active wear goodness.


I have never added cording to my Hudson waistbands – I like the plain, flat look of only elastic. Plus, ain’t nobody got time for cording! I love how I can bust these out in a couple of hours.


These are also a straight size 8, no adjustments.


I’m really hoping I use these more for yoga than lounging, but… you know how things go sometimes!

Although these areย super boring, grey… blah… basics, I’m still pretty stoked about them. Not everything has to be icing, right?


What’s your favorite me-made comfy outfit?



23 thoughts on “The Ultimate Lounge/Active Wear Duo

  1. Sooo snuggly! Me and the fuzzy kids could get a lot of cuddles out of that kind of outfit.
    My fav comfy wear I’ve made is my Doctor Who pieces. The mix and match stuff works for any temperature. Plus it’s Doctor Who!

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  2. They look great on you! I just purchased the Linden, so am keen on seeing many examples, and I must say the adult Hudson pants have also caught my eye… they look sooooo comfy!! I like yours!

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  3. It bums me out that people don’t get more excited about TNTs. I mean, those patterns EARN that status, and there’s nothing better than being in between more complicated makes and grabbing a TNT and just letting er rip. Ending up with something that fits that you know you’ll love is always a good thing. I just made up a pair of Hudsons too! I had a pair of pajama pants in this adorable honeycomb print french terry (with an embroidered bee!) that I bought when I was pregnant. I had meant to remake them for forever, and today was the day. It had to be done!

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    1. Ah yes, your reworked Hudsons came out great! And I’m so glad you got to keep the bee. I do think you owe us some “before” photos, if they exist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      If I was able to, I think I could live in Hudsons until I die. I’m wearing my spring-y ones now and after my bath, I’ll switch to my French terry pair! Best lounge pants ever!

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