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The Little Mermaid Inspired Yoga Set

Someday I’ll be part of your world…

Calling all Disney and yoga lovers – go on over to the Cali Fabrics blog and check out my Little Mermaid inspired yoga outfit!


I talk about these fun fabrics, the patterns I used, and what yoga has done for me!


Plus you can check out more of my cool poses and get up-close and personal with the fabrics… and of my love for everything TLM.


Why be a human when you can namast’ay in the sea?



12 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid Inspired Yoga Set

    1. It would be perfect for a swimsuit! I just need to find a good pattern and I’ll make one, too!

      OK, you TOTALLY lived my dream! Being TLM in a play?? AWESOME! I played Alice from Alice in Wonderland in 8th grade. We are Disney stars!

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