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Fail February: The Moji Clown Pants of Failure

Today I bring you my first failed sewing project of Fail February! I made the Seamwork Moji Pants last year and am sad to say they did not turn out as I had hoped.

The face says it all.

When the Moji Pants first came out, I was intrigued. I wasn’t sure if they would be very flattering, but I was willing to give it a try.


When I was fabric shopping in Japan, this two-sided fabric was on sale and I immediately thought of the Moji Pants as the solid side looked a lot like denim.

Then when it came time to make these pants, I wanted to add some interest and use the opposite side of the fabric for accent bits. Well, I think the polka-dotted side definitely adds interest, but the wrong kind!


These scream CLOWN PANTS to me! I had the most difficult time figuring out what kind of top to pair these with and settled on this RTW shirt which is cuter with a slimmer silhouette on bottom for sure.

I made the size 14 as I have a generous booty and this fabric doesn’t provide any stretch.


I think I should have sized down because the waistband and… well… everything is a little big. But I still get pulling in the rear when I bend down! These pants are definitely drafted for someone with a less supple badunk.


They do not flatter AT ALL!


You can kind of see the pockets flare out a little as the waistband is cinched in tightly. It’s just ill-fitting all-around.

My disappointment is difficult to hide.

I’m glad I didn’t spend too much time on these as they are an easy and fast make. I am bummed, though, that I wasted a lot of my Japanese fabric!

I was hoping I could at least use these at around-the-house lounging pants, but I haven’t touched them since these photos last summer.

I tried to be positive…


… but these are destined for the donation pile!


Lessons learned:

  • Choose the correct size! Make sure you measure yourself and don’t think you’re bigger than you really are… ~_~;
  • The Moji Pants seem suited to a fabric with a some drape. This cotton was just too stiff and did nothing for my figure.
  • Polka-dotted fabric saddle bags do NOT belong on your hips!

Has anyone out there had a better experience with the Moji? Please share so I can see what you did right! I really love the aesthetic of the sample Seamwork used and believe I am destined for a great pair of Mojis one day.



26 thoughts on “Fail February: The Moji Clown Pants of Failure

  1. I made a pair of Moji pants last summer out of chambray. They’re OK. Definitely drafted for someone flat-assed (which is the case with most Colette patterns, IMHO). I like the pockets for carrying a phone and keys (I wore them a lot to walk the dog – what does that tell you?) I wore them with a long top to hide the diaper butt look. I wanted to try another pair with an invisible side zip.

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    1. Chambray sounds like a good fabric pairing with the Moji. I’ll have to look into tweaking the pattern for a round bottom. I guess it’s not that bad of a problem to have! 😉


  2. Have you tried a FBA (full butt adjustment)? I only recently learned that that’s a thing!
    Sorry to hear that they’re a fail and you wasted lovely Japanese fabric!

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  3. I’d just remove the pockets entirely or sew them back on with the other side out. Otherwise, these look good, and I think the fit is right for that style.

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    1. I can see how that would look better, thanks for the idea! I’ll have to take them out of hiding and see if they would be worth that bit of work. 🙂


  4. This type of woven pant though is REALLY hard to be flattering on a girl like us with a tiny waist but junk n da trunk. Which, you would think, being able to sew, we could fix that? But I haven’t found a solution that doesn’t involve too much gathering at the waistband or too tight in the bum. To be honest, this is probably a big part of why I just can’t be bothered to make pants for myself. This type of pant appeals to me because it won’t have all the fiddly fitting, but it’s just a bad idea on my body type.

    Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m glad we can collectively share our fails to show we are indeed humans lol

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    1. I hear ya – I have some RTW pants that are a similar style from Banana Republic with an elastic waist and ankles. I had to ask my husband 5x before buying if they made me look weird. He said no and I’ve gotten compliments on them here and there. I think you have to concentrate on styling it just right so it’s not a weird diaper-butt look. I think the elastic and drapey fabric of my RTW pants help with the fit a little.

      Or maybe I’ll just stick to the Ginger Jeans – they are a great pattern for those of us with an itty bitty waist and that round thing in yo’ face! I just had to add darts in the yoke to prevent gaping, but that’s easily tweak-able for my next pair!

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    1. I think elastic and removing the pockets would make this 100x better for sure! Maybe I’ll hold off on the charity thing and see if I have the patience to re-work these. Sometimes it’s easier (and more fun) to just start again from scratch! 😉

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  5. Oh, your face says it all! I had to laugh about the polka dotted saddle bags. Definitely not what you were going for, I’m sure. I think you’re right about the more drape being a better idea. That being said, this is pretty much exactly the look I ended up with the Blank Slate Oceanside pants I made last summer, and I used a drapey linen. I think I put them on and thought–wow, I didn’t know my backside was so vast and flat–I thought I was in shape. 😀 Sometimes styles just don’t work. I’m finishing up my post on a similar theme of styles just not working for the Toaster Sweater #1.

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    1. You’re definitely not shaped like that! It’s amazing what either fabric choice or pattern choice will do for one’s figure. I saw your post on the Toaster sweater – such a shame! One thing I do like about the sewing blogosphere is I can usually find someone with a similar shape than me to determine what patterns look good for my body type. I just need to do more research before jumping into a very different-for-me pattern!

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      1. Yes, research is helpful! The semi-fail was on me. I looked at the sizing chart, not the finished measurements and I got swayed by what I once heard someone call the Glamazons. Glamazon=the pretty girl on the pattern envelope covers that may or may not let you know what’s really going on with the fit of any given pattern.

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  6. I was scared to make these as there are so many bad reviews, but I finally did on the weekend and thankfully I like them. I made them in a tencel which has good drape and is very soft. I’ll do a post today if you wanna check them out in that fabric.

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    1. Ooooh Tencel is the best fabric ever! I think it’s better suited to the Moji pattern for sure. 🙂 I’d love to see your post – I tried checking out your site but it wouldn’t load 😦

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