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A Scrappy Grainline Linden Sweatshirt

Welp, consider me an official Grainline Studios fangirl. It all started with the Hemlock Tee, then the Alder Shirt Dress, and now the Linden Sweatshirt!


I bought the PDF pattern during Grainline’s Black Friday sale. I was hesitant at first because I already had the Paxson Sweatshirt from Seamwork… but we all know how that turned out. 😦 Womp womp. I heard so many great things about the Linden that I finally caved and oh boy am I glad I did.


I made a size 8 on top, grading to a 10 at the waist and hips. The only change I made was trading the normal hem band for a split band. I used the tutorial from Grainline’s website, found here.  It was super easy and I think all of my long Lindens will have the split hem from here on out. My hips/badunk don’t play well with a straight hem band and shirts with those usually ride up on me. The split band ensures it stays in place as it allows more space for my hips.


All of the fabric I used came from You may recognize the floral print from one of my many Monetas. I was hoping I’d have enough scraps left over to make the sleeves and accents out of it, but alas, I did not. So I was able to eek out the front piece and accents. I think it came out pretty well considering it’s a little random! The grey fabric is a French Terry that I originally wanted to make a sweater dress from, but it’s too drapey and clingy for that. I think it worked perfectly as part of this top!


I will be making the Linden again for sure. Next time, I’m planning on using more of that grey French Terry for the short-sleeved cropped version. I’ve been doing lots of Yoga With Adriene lately (thanks, Abigail, for posting about it!) and I think a short Linden top would be perfect for my at-home workouts!


This is one of the most comfortable tops I own. I’m glad I have another me-made long-sleeved top for winter! It was also a super-quick sew. It only took a short afternoon to start and finish, so it’s a great instant-gratification piece.

Have you tried the Linden yet?


P.S. I wanted to thank those on all social media platforms that extended their sympathies after my sad news. These pictures were taken right after the incident so it was difficult “getting into character” and doing my usual silly poses.

My last surviving chickie, Caroline, was re-homed this morning. She is far on the other side of town and will be a part of a large flock along with other fun farm animals. We were sent a picture of her meeting her new roommates (and new boyfriend – look at that handsome roo!).


I think she will be very happy being around her own kind. She’s definitely a fighter as she’s survived a health scare 2 years ago and witnessed 2 sisters being attacked by the @$$hole bobcat. Here’s hoping the rest of her days are full of health and happiness… And many eggs for her new mom and dad! 🙂 ❤

17 thoughts on “A Scrappy Grainline Linden Sweatshirt

  1. Great make, and keep your chin up re your chickens. It’s hard seeing predators at work, every time one of our cats brings in a bird, my heart breaks a little. You gave your girls a great life, far better than many other chickens have had.

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    1. Thank you, that makes me feel better – knowing that they had a good life and it could have always been worse for them. That’s sad about those little birds, but we can’t blame nature for doing what it does. But we can stay angry with it for a while 😉


    1. I love how soothing her voice is and how she explains all of the moves. And I love it when she cracks herself up, too! I’m hopping on the bandwagon again today after work to try and catch up on the 31 day revolution. I think I’m 3-4 days behind!


  2. I can’t fault you for your Grainline love–I feel it too! Their patterns just work for that “cool, easy-to-wear, modern take on basics” aesthetic. This is a super cute Linden! I like that, from the back, it has the illusion of being a short gray sweater over a longer floral top. 🙂 Great use of leftovers, for sure! I think the other view will look great in the gray fabric from this one!

    I don’t have this pattern but I can see its appeal. I actually made a long-sleeved version of the Penny Raglan–using scraps from Tom’s Hudson pants!–and I like the result enough to think about making another one. (Maybe I should riff on the other view of Linden next time: cropped, half-sleeves…hmm.)

    Best wishes for Caroline’s adjustment at her new home–she looks like she’s scoping it out. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I like the illusion thing you pointed out about the back. I was worried it would just look like a weird floral butt flap. But I’m down with butt flaps and butt ruffles anyway! I also want to make another long sleeved Linden using some mustard ponte scraps from my Ondee sweater. I have this cool Germanic looking knit print it would look great with. Gotta bust that stash!

      I even had DD try on my Linden to check the fit for him. I felt bad the failed Paxson was meant for him so I was thinking the Linden might be a good substitute. He was skeptical about the neckline so I guess we’ll pass on girl patterns for him for now. I’m thinking of downloading the Colette Negroni to make a shirt or two for him. He’s long overdue for a RED-y made outfit!

      Thanks about Caroline ❤ I think she'll be less stressed out – plus it seems like they spoil their chickens with treats a lot so she'll be like, "DD and mama RED who??" :-p

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  3. That’s a great linden! I might be the only blogger in the world that hasn’t tried it and now I think I must! I’m also a fan of using up my fabric scraps and this was a great way to do that. Glad your girl has a new home with lots of buddies about!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I highly recommend making one! You can get crazy with fabric/scrap combinations and I think anything would look super cool. Plus, it’s great for running errands or just lounging around the house. So comfy!

      Caroline is doing very well and I’m glad, too! Thanks! We got an update that she’s incorporating well and the rooster really likes her, LOL. That’s my little lady!

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  4. Cute sweatshirt. I like how the hem splits. I’ve been wanting to get Jalie’s sweatshirt pattern but debating whether or not it’s worth it. I just got SH7’s Toaster Sweater #1, and it is not love–too boxy for me and the cropped look is well, drafty. It’s funny how you want to sew all of the intricate fun sweaters, but there are times you just need/want some solid basics like a nice warm sweatshirt.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I gave the Toaster sweater a side-eye when it first came out, but I’m seeing some good makes out there, especially now that it’s in Project Sew My Style.

      I’m noticing I reach for the simple, basic pieces more often than the fancier things to wear. Grainline’s got something on this. 😉


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