The Cherry on Top – Dutch Label Shop and a Coupon Code

We know how long it can take to create something (it’s always longer than we think!), so why not give our creations a little something more to make them extra special? Say, the “cherry on top?”

Dutch Label Shop contacted me to try out their personalized labels, and they are perfect for making your projects feel complete! They’re also based in the good ol’ U.S. of A., so us ‘Muricans can feel good about supporting our great country. 🙂

You can choose to upload your own logo or design one on their site. Since I don’t really have a specific Sew RED-y logo, I chose to design my own.

I wanted sew-in labels, one for lighter-colored clothing and one for darker clothing. Here’s what I designed:


Aren’t they adorable? I am loving how they give my projects that extra “oomph” and now they look a lot more professional. These are also great for when I do my annual closet purge and donate my makes that just aren’t working for me anymore. If someone buys one of my garments at Goodwill, then they’ll be able to trace the garment back to my blog and see its journey through life. Pretty cool, huh?


I really like the simplicity of my red and white label. I love the sewing machine graphic and check out that metallic red lettering! YOWZA! One thing to note on the metallic thread is it feels rougher against the skin. I probably won’t be putting these into more close-fitting garments but LOOK AT HOW SPARKLY! I also chose to go for the double white option on this one. Double white just means they weave an extra layer of white thread into the back of the label to prevent any shine-through or bleeding from the darker colored logo.


The second label I made is perfect for gifts or to brag that the garment is 100% handmade! These labels are super soft and the great thing is you don’t have to pre-wash these to prevent bleeding. I hand-washed one just to see if there would be an issue, but there was zero bleeding. So these babies are ready to sew onto your garments straight from the packaging. Woohoo!


You want to know what’s even cooler than my sweet labels? You can make some for yourself and get a discount to boot! Use the code sewredy at checkout to receive 15% off of your order for the next 30 days. Now that’s what I call a win!

Have you labeled your makes yet? If you don’t do it through a professional label company, what’s your process? Let me know in the comments, I’m curious!


Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to provide my honest feedback about the Dutch Label Shop labels. All opinions and outbursts of glee are my own.

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