Happy 2nd Birthday, Sew RED-y!

Gosh, how time flies! Yesterday was the second anniversary (blogiversary?) of my blog! We are getting into the toddler stage now… I just hope the “terrible twos” don’t translate to sewing blogs. 😉

Just like mothers say about their children, I can’t imagine my life without Sew RED-y. As I said last year, the online sewing community is really a wonderful place to make friends and get inspiration. You guys/gals are the best and I am ever grateful for your support!

Getting a little too sentimental? Let’s go to the stats!

These were my stats after the first full year of blogging:

81 posts


2,447 visitors

67 subscribed followers

Most viewed single post: Peacock Scoop Top

Here are the overall stats now!

124 posts


6,730 visitors

115 subscribed followers

Most viewed single post: A Seamwork Mesa

I’m happy to see that I’ve more than doubled my views and visitors! Hooray for steady progress! I’m slightly more involved in the sewing community than I was in the first year, namely participating in Me-Made-May, being a part of a sewing blogger Facebook group (hi, ladies!), and hounding the Girl Charlee Fabric Facebook group with my GC blog posts. I’d like to get more involved by doing sewing challenges or pattern testing, but that darn day job gets in the way. Maybe one day…

Do I have any goals for the next year? That’s a good question. I don’t have any set plans, except to make Fail February a real thing and to just keep sharing my projects and thoughts with you all while gleaning inspiration from the online sewing community.

I’ve had some feedback on making different types of blog posts… like taking sewing questions from beginners and answering them, maybe with links to tutorials or coming up with one myself. I find I have a tendency to fall back on the “final project sharing” posts since they are the easiest (and to me, most interesting).

But let me ask you, what kind of blog posts do you want to see on Sew RED-y? All suggestions are welcome! …well… except for the “I want to see you sew a pair of jeans while sky diving” suggestions. Let’s keep it real, people!

I know I say this often, but I really mean it – thank you for keeping up with me in my tiny corner of the sewing blogosphere. Our community is what keeps me sane and inspired and I look forward to many more years of creativity, friendship, and kick-ass outfits.



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