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A Heathered Sweater

“What are you thinking, RED? Posting a sweater in SUMMER?”


No, I have not gone crazy. Yes, I have a backlog of projects to post and being OCD like I am, I must do them in the order that I made them! So while this is not conducive to wearing right now in the desert heat, I’ll pretend this post is dedicated to my southern hemisphere readers who are experiencing their winter now! Howdy, y’all!

Me and von P strutting our stuff

And I do apologize for the not-so-perfect photos throughout this post. DD was photographing me in 3 different projects that day and this was the last one. He came down with the flu and by the time we got to photographing this sweater, he had to call it quits and rest inside. Of course I was thinking “the show MUST go on!” and I set up the camera on our back patio table and proceeded to use the timer. Needless to say, there weren’t many usable photos to choose from (blurry, cross-eyed, cropped anatomy, and just plain awkward poses) so this is what you get!

Oh, and a shout out to DD for being a trooper and helping me out with my blog photos while running a 101 fever! What a man!


The pattern is McCall’s 6796 and this is my third time making it. I added about an inch and a half (I think?) to the main body and an inch in the sleeves since I’m taller than your average sewist… well, I’m assuming over 5′ 7″ is tall…


The fabric is from… you guessed it… It’s a heathered hacci knit and the bits of color remind me of rainbow sprinkles. Aaaaaand now I want a cupcake. Dangit.

The only problems I find with this fabric are it’s lightweight, so I need to wear a tank top underneath and it feels a little itchy. I’ll wear it when the weather cools down and see if I feel the same way about the itchiness factor.


I got the buttons from Michael’s and I think they’re abalone shell? They are very lightweight and sit nicely against the collar piece. Win!


I keep telling myself I will make a no-sleeved or short-sleeved version of this shirt since I seem to be obsessed with this type of collar. Alas, I always default to long-sleeves. Maybe I’ll change my mind on my fourth make…


Like all of my knit tops, I added a thin strip of twill tape to the shoulder seams. This helps prevent them from stretching out while on the hanger. Some people use clear elastic, but I find twill tape to be easier to push through the machine.

There’s not much else to say about this top that I haven’t said before, so I’ll leave you with an inspirational photo!

You can DO IT!

Now go out there and make something beautiful!


9 thoughts on “A Heathered Sweater

    1. Thanks! I have 2 and they’re Plymouth Barred Rocks. We used to have 4 (other 2 were Silver Laced Wyandottes) but one became bobcat food and the other was bullied too much so we had to re-home her. 😦

      But chickens are so much fun even though they’re quirky! What breed(s) do you have?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We have 3. 1 barnevelder, 1 shaver, 1 aracana. We started with shavers only but when one of our girls basically laid herself to death we decided heritage breeds were the way forward. They are so much fun!

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  1. Oh I like this! I’ve made this pattern once, in sleeveless (you really should on your 4th try, because it’s super flattering and you can show off your guns!). I have yet to make it in a sweater but think I will during winter. And OMG I love Girl Charlee haha!! But I’m totally weird about itchy fabrics, like super weird… apparently I’ve always been that way, according to my mom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay another GC fan, lol! I really do need to try the sleeveless variation. I need more tops to wear with skirts to work… and the blazing hot temps here call for sleeveless! Itchy fabrics aren’t fun but I’m hoping I won’t mind this sweater too much when the weather gets cooler. Itchiness is not a good feeling!


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