Me Made May

Me-Made-May ’16 Week 3

Another week has passed and you all know what that means! Round-up time!

Sunday, May 15

Day 15-16

It seems like all of my Sundays in May (or in life) are spent mainly at home in my PJs or lounge clothes. I guess that’s what Sundays are for, right?

I wear the heck out of my first pair of Hudson Pants so they’re getting pretty ratty but they’re perfect for doing Sunday household chores. I had to vacuum and mop the house this day, so I had to switch out a RTW T-shirt for my Florence Bra so I wouldn’t get heat stroke. Summer is here, y’all.

Monday, May 16

Day 16-16

Even though I have to go back to work on Mondays, I still not-so-secretly wish I was a house wife. I wore my 1950’s House Wife McCall’s Shirt Dress… and people usually go gaga over this one! It’s a little out of my usual style, but it’s fun to wear and it’s great to shake things up a bit.

Shoes: ModCloth

Tuesday, May 17

Day 17-16

I’ve been trying to work out at least 3-4 times a week this month, even if it means getting attacked by neighborhood dogs just walking around my block. This is another make that gets a ton of wear… my Comic Pneuma Tank!

Pants: Lucy

Wednesday, May 18

Day 18-16

I realized I needed more solid-colored pieces in my wardrobe, especially blouses for work, so I made a Seamwork Akita Blouse when I got back from Japan. Stay tuned for the full-length post coming soon!

Skirt: Anthropologie

Shoes: DSW

Thursday, May 19

Day 19-16

Yes, yes, another Moneta dress. I can’t help it… they’re so comfortable!

Shoes: ModCloth

Friday, May 20

Day 20-16

Friday is casual day so that means busting out my Salmon Plantain Tee! I wore moccasins instead of flip-flops at work… but does it really matter?

Jeans: Lucky Outlet

Shoes: Rainbows from Journeys

Saturday, May 21

Day 21-16

I’m bummed out I can’t wear my Seamwork Mesa Dress to work without leggings because of the length… and it’s too hot for leggings now, so I wore this on a dinner date with DD. The fabric is super stretchy, soft, and lightweight so it makes the perfect not-too-casual summer dress.

Headband: Claire’s

Purse: Fossil Outlet

There’s only one and a half weeks left of MMM! There’s so many things left to wear – I wonder which ones will make the cut???


11 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’16 Week 3

    1. Haha! In high school, we had to kneel on the floor and the skirt had to touch the floor… yes, I went to a Catholic school. At least they didn’t beat us with rulers if they were too short…

      At work, our skirts or dresses have to be at least mid thigh or lower. There’s a few ladies who wear this length dress and it looks way too short, especially when they sit!! I err on the side of caution… plus I’m a boss lady so all eyes are on me. :-\

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kneeling on the floor!?! Wow that’s a new one!
        Boss lady eh? Yeah they do have certain rules for those peeps. I think it’s kinda anything goes atmosphere at my work. I like to change up between casual and fancy pants. Some people like to rock leggings with a short shirt. I’m just not into seeing other’s anatomy like that.


      2. I guess leggings with a short skirt is better than leggings as pants… which I’ve seen around work, too… blech. Our place is a little more casual than business casual (cuz I guess that’s how they do in AZ), but I try to look a little decent. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right? So maybe I should dress like a housewife because that would be AMAZING. Yoga pants for dayyyyyz

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was a beast trying to get the fit just right – it was a combination of fabric that was too drapey and my body does not fit the straight lines of this pattern well. Gotta love curves, lol! But I’m glad I spent all that extra time getting it just right. I love this dress. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. All great garments ;o) I do really like that shirt dress too, every time I see M6696 it’s a winner – but I really like it in that gertie chambray (I’d like one in the cherries chambray, for some reason we never got those chambrays here in Aus).

    Liked by 1 person

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