Why hello everyone! Or should I say こんにちは? Yep, that’s right. The time has come for my trip back to Japan!

Japan and I go way back – back to 2007. I moved to Sado Island as a participant of the JET Program to teach English to elementary and junior high school students. I was only there for a year but it was the best year of my life. Although I lived in probably the most rural place in Japan, I made lifelong friends and experienced Japanese culture in ways you never could as a tourist.

I mean, I got to perform taiko at weddings and festivals for crying out loud…

1923617_510279099635_7351_nAnd was a contestant in a water sumo competition…

1625785_543976380015_1671900_n… and lost…

1625785_543976404965_3593066_nBut I also worked! I taught English at 3 elementary schools and 2 junior high schools. As you can see, the kids were pretty awesome.


1928757_526234689505_9501_nI am so excited to finally go back and visit the people that made my year living overseas so memorable.

1625785_543976305165_4650543_nWe’ll also be hitting up the usual tourist cities – Tokyo and Kyoto. You know I’ll be hitting up the fabric and sewing shops in the big cities! I have been getting myself ready for the upcoming shopping extravaganza by checking out Cashmerette’s experiences in Tokyo and Kyoto. Now the only problem is figuring out how to bring back all that I buy when we’re only bringing one carry-on luggage each! We pack lightly so it’s easier to get around the cities and public transportation. Hmmm, looks like we’ll have to visit a post office or two…

Anyway, I was just dropping by to say that there will be some radio silence on Sew RED-y this month while I’m visiting my home away from home and recuperating from jet-lag. I did make a special project for the plane ride, so I’ll post about that later and of course I’ll share my Japan experiences and pictures with you!

Akadomari, my second home.

SO EXCITED. \ ( ^ o ^ ) /

行って来ます (I’ll be back…)

-RED (赤)

6 thoughts on “行って来ます

  1. You did JET on Sado-ga-shima? You lucky, lucky girl! I was just showing a friend video of taiko drumming the other day, and remembering the two times I went to Earth Celebration… must have been an interesting (and isolated!) place to live! I did JET for 2 years in Yamaguchi, then moved home to Canada, then moved back and taught for 3 years in Saitama. It’s definitely a country that sticks with you, isn’t it?
    (Oh, and hi! I’m Gillian, and we’re blogging together for Cali Fabrics!)

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    1. Hi, Gillian! Wow, it’s awesome to see another JET participant around these parts! I totally agree about Japan sticking with you. I feel like I left a part of my heart there. ❤

      I'm so glad you were able to experience Earth Celebration! I only went once, when I first moved there. I instantly fell in love with Kodo and was able to see them perform another 2 times on the island as well as take 2 workshops with the apprentices. Did you get to do any taiko during your time in Japan?


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