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Pneuma Tanks for Mom

Why hello there! It’s been 3 weeks since my last post and it feels like forever to me! DD and I have been working lots of overtime, including some Saturdays, so sewing and blogging have slowed a little.

But hey look! I have some new projects to show you! And check out the blog’s new format! I’m cheap so I just pick the free themes from WordPress, but this one fits better with the blog’s sewing theme. And look! There’s little buttons throughout! Yay! I’m liking the new look of Sew RED-y better – especially since I have a side bar now! The old theme wouldn’t allow a side bar… But anyway, yay for a new theme and yay for a blog face-lift!

Now on to the good stuff.

What better way to end the holidays with some unselfish sewing? My Mom’s birthday falls a week after the New Year holiday, so it was time I made something for her. She’s an exercise instructor, so what better gift than some Pneuma Tanks?

IMG_6940When I visited New Orleans last June, I participated in one of her exercise classes and wore my Comic Pneuma Tank. She thought it was cute and I had her try it on to check the sizing. It was a perfect fit except for the length, which needed 2 inches taken out. She’s only 5′ 1″ or so, and I’m almost 5′ 8″. I get my height from my dad. 🙂

IMG_6918She likes solid colors for her active wear, so I was going to just make an exact replica of the purple Pneuma Tank I made for myself last year. Well, it turns out I didn’t have enough fabric to make a whole other tank, so I had to make an emergency trip to Joann’s. They didn’t have the purple fabric, so after a quick phone consultation with Mom, we decided teal would work. I’m loving this color and will probably use the scraps to make the sports bra version of Sewaholic’s Dunbar Top.

IMG_6919In order to take those 2 inches out from the length, I simply folded the pattern piece in the middle before cutting the fabric. I didn’t want to mess with the flare and shape of the hem, so shortening in the middle worked best. I was a little worried since the tops (to me) looked really short, but Mom says they’re perfect!

Easy breezy to shorten!

IMG_6923Probably my favorite part of this pattern is the crossover straps in the back. However, they’re my least favorite to hand-sew in and they make putting on the top super complicated and difficult! At least to me… maybe I’m just an uncoordinated spaz.

IMG_6924I love the way this ruffled elastic looks and feels. It’s another purchase from Joann’s. I like how it gives the top a girly touch while bringing some major support!

Since these are fairly quick to make, I wanted to give my mom a second top. I had this beautiful white and black lace stretch fabric in my stash and checked with her to see if it was something she would like. I got the thumbs-up, so here’s Pneuma Tank #2 for Mom!

IMG_6925Isn’t that print to die for? I might make myself an exact replica, or maybe make another Moneta dress. I originally bought the fabric thinking that I would use it to make a swimsuit, but I tried to make one last year and it failed pretty hard. So maybe I’ll just stick to what I know!

IMG_6926I love how the bra peeks through, giving the top some interest. I incorporated the same technique I used for my own Pneuma Tanks to add an extra layer in the front of the bra piece while basically stitching a “V” in the center so bra pads can be added and stay in place. Check out the tutorial in this post! It’s super easy even if it takes a little more time. I swear it’s worth it!

IMG_6932I’m so glad I got so much use out of this pattern and I definitely see more of these in my future. My mom called a couple of days after she got these in the mail and raved about how much she loved them and she wore both in one morning, one for each exercise class she taught that day. It’s always a relief when handmade gifts for people work out – especially if you don’t have them to use for fitting since they’re 1,400 miles away! My mom’s a pretty stylish lady, so now she can be super stylish at the gym! And it’s looking like she may get more in the future. 😉 Hooray for easy gift ideas!

Have you done any un-selfish sewing after the holidays, or did you get everyone covered during the holidays? It feels like I’m working backwards as I didn’t sew for anyone for Christmas, but afterwards I busted these out for my mom and I made something for DD (or tried to… a post about that coming soon!). Oh well!

See you in February!


8 thoughts on “Pneuma Tanks for Mom

  1. These are both great. The pneuma is the only activewear pattern that has ever tempted me. I have a pattern and fabric to attempt swimwear in the next few months, so maybe later in the year. I think I’d love one like this for yoga or zumba!

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I was so excited when this pattern came out because I had been wanting a top like this ever since I saw a woman at my gym wear something similar. Love the Pneuma Tank!

      Good luck on your swimwear! That’s on my bucket list to do successfully.

      Liked by 1 person

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