Move Over, 2015! Welcome, 2016!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone had a happy and safe celebration. My New Year’s Eve was great. Maybe great for a 90-year-old, but great nonetheless.

We ate at our favorite sushi restaurant, Ginza, where the chef gave us free takoyaki (octopus balls… yum!). We seriously go once a week there… sometimes twice a week, so the owners and staff know us pretty well. It’s the best sushi I’ve had outside of Japan – HANDS DOWN. You would never think that you would find a great sushi place in the desert, but there it is! The fish is super fresh and the flavors range from super authentic Japanese to Japanese/Mexican fusion. Happiness all around.

After our sushi excursion, we came home to settle down. I called my friends back in New Orleans – we have a tradition where they call me at midnight NOLA time and scream drunkedly into the phone to wish me a happy new year, which I’m usually half asleep for… so this year I beat them to the punch and called at 9:00 their time before people were drunk, so we got to have real conversations!! I then turned off my phone and passed out at 9:00 Tucson time. 12 hours later, I’m awake and have a very happy, drunken voicemail from my NOLA friends from midnight. I love you guys. โค

I would have liked to stay awake for midnight, but after waking up at 5:00 am and working a full, exhausting day at work, I could barely keep my eyes open after dinner. Yes, I am old.

Anyway, ’tis the time for reflections and planning, so here we go!


My top 5 sewing hits of 2015:

In no particular order…

  1. Sewing22This was definitely the Year of the Moneta. I made 6 (1 gifted) and I wear the heck out of these! I have plans for more in the future – especially with more print mixing and matching. They work well for frolicking on the weekends AND for our business-casual office. Moneta, I love you.
  2. IMG_5646My comic Pneuma Tank gets a lot of wear at the gym… whenever I decide to go, that is. It’s perfect for the sweltering summers here AND it’s unique.
  3. IMG_5354My springy-Frankenpattern dress was an experiment – both with the fabric (scuba knit!) and with mixing two patterns. The top is from a Butterick pattern and the bottom is from the Sewaholic Cambie. My seams ended up matching and this is another great dress to wear to work.
  4. IMG_6586You know I have to throw in my pretty girly fancy dress! I’m pleased with how the fabric mixing turned out and I learned to embrace the skirt of poofiness.
  5. IMG_6344And of course, my Khaleesi costume! I used mostly scrap fabric for this that was already in my stash and I’m super happy with how “authentic” I look and feel in this. Now if only there were more occasions to dress like the Mother of Dragons…

There are definitely more projects that could have made this list, but I’m limited to 5! I count that as a very successful sewing year.

Now onto….

My top 5 sewing misses of 2015:

  1. IMG_5240My Vogue shirt of doom has only been worn twice, begrudgingly. I messed up with the sizing and this thing cuts into my armpits. Sadly, this will go into the donation pile soon.
  2. ArrowI love my Katniss cowl neck from The Hunger Games, but I can’t figure out where else to wear this outside of a movie premier. I did wear it to see the last Mockingjay movie… so its purpose is fulfilled. I’m going to hold onto it for a while to see if I can get creative enough with my outfits to make this thing work.
  3. IMG_5402Ugh, THIS thing… people compliment me on it when I wear it, but this Cynthia Rowley top just doesn’t feel right to me. It’s just a poor choice of fabric.
  4. IMG_5522WHAT?! A Pneuma Tank in both the hits AND misses? This one works well enough, but it was my first go with the pattern and I sized an XS to a S for it. I should have stuck with an XS for the whole thing since it bags a little weird. It’s probably unnoticeable to most people, but you know how we sewists get with our makes…
  5. IMG_5839I have mixed feelings about this dress. I know it’s super cool that I made it from the Khaleesi costume pattern and that fabric is TO DIE FOR, but I totally derped when sewing it and forgot to stay-stitch the neckline. After some wear, the neckline stretches out and I have to watch out so I don’t flash anyone. Sigh.

Next up…


It looks like I’ve made about 40 things, some blogged, some unblogged. So that’s almost an item a week! Almost…

Since the addition of Freya (my serger) to my sewing family, I feel like my projects are completed much faster. I am also super happy with how professional they look on the inside, so I’m not as embarrassed to make things for others, now.

I repeated a lot of patterns this past year, namely the Moneta, Hudson Pants, Pneuma Tank, and Plantain. Hey, when you find something that works, stick with it!


I’m hesitant to make sewing goals for myself this year since I don’t know what the year holds in store for me. So far it’s looking like my free time and energy will go into working overtime at work (we’re starting Monday with mandatory OT… gotta love it!), but here’s hoping it won’t be too bad.

I know every year I say I will make the Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers… so I won’t guarantee that will happen this year, but I DO want to bust out some pants! I have the Ginger Jeans pattern, too and just bought the Jedediah Pants for DD, so I have to attempt pants with a fly front this year!

I’m starting out the year with some un-selfish sewing, so hopefully I can continue that a little more throughout the year. I’m making some Pneuma Tanks for my mom for her birthday next week (don’t worry, she knows so I’m not ruining the surprise!) and want to make DD a Paxson sweatshirt from Seamwork magazine for our upcoming trip to Japan.

OH YEAH… so we’re going to Japan!!! I’m so flipping excited I can hardly contain myself! I can’t wait to see the friends I made during my year doing the JET Program and do some Japanese fabric shopping. DD also wants to try to make a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest, so it’s looking like 2016 will be a year of international travel. HECK YES. That overtime money will come in handy for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

As far as blogging goals go – I’m trying not to stress myself out with POSTING. EVERY. WEEK.ย  I’ll post as I feel necessary, which will still be pretty often – so no worries, I’m not going anywhere! I also need to focus on having different types of posts other than “HEY LOOK I MADE THIS.” I’ve had a couple of suggestions already, but if you’d like to see something different on here, please let me know in the comments! This blog is as much for you as it is for me, so let’s collaborate!

In conclusion, this past year had its ups and downs. The downs seemed to outweigh the ups (lots of deaths – surgeries – stress – etc.), so I’m hoping 2016 will flip-flop that and have more ups than downs! I look forward to more inspiration from the wide world of lovely sewing bloggers and hope that I can inspire people back. Cheers to 2016!



11 thoughts on “Move Over, 2015! Welcome, 2016!

  1. I totally wanted to make the Katniss cowl but never bought yarn for it. I’m kinda happy now that I didn’t since you said you’re having issues on where/when to wear it. Nothing more frustrating than putting time into something and not getting any use out of it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The good thing about the cowl pattern I used is it’s made for sewing with sweater knits. I have no idea how to knit or crochet, so I cheat and go the easy way with sewing! The cowl was actually a pretty fast make, so I’m not too disheartened by it. Although there have been other projects in the past where I pour all of my time into making them and they’re just big balls of fail! But I guess we can call those learning opportunities. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. You are so productive–curse you!!! And holy cow, I totally understand the euphoria surrounding sergers now, because once you get acquainted with one, they are tiny little game-changers. Sounds like your 2016 will be amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear/see all about your Japan trip; what city/cities are you visiting? Also: GO FABRIC SHOPPING, THAT WE MAY LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find having a dedicated sewing group does help with the productivity. Sometimes I have to scramble to come up with a project to bring that I otherwise might not start if I weren’t forced to, lol! And YES, sergers are a gift from heaven!

      DD and I will go to Kyoto, Sado Island (my old digs), and of course, Tokyo. I/we visited a lot more “off the beaten path” places when I lived there, so we’re sticking to the main places. We hope to focus on culinary experiences (we’re signed up for a cooking class in Kyoto!) instead of the main tourist attractions. Of course we’ll see some, but it won’t be all. the. time. And YES TO FABRIC SHOPPING! I told DD I want a whole half day dedicated to the fabric district. And I will totally share my experiences and fabrics here! ๐Ÿ˜†

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      1. You know, you’re so right about having a group for accountability! This last week’s “Stitch n’ Bitch” caused me to bring all my Sewaholic activewear patterns along to start rough-cutting the pieces out of the tissue, just to say I had accomplished something! Your plan for Japan sounds AMAZING! I got to spend 7 days there when I was 13, and we didn’t have time to do any sightseeing. Super excited to see all the cool experiences you’ll have there. (And also fabric shopping, duh.) =)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oooh I have 2 of the Sewaholic activewear patterns! It’s on my to-do list and I totally want to buy crazy looking spandex for them. Maybe cats or donuts… ๐Ÿ™‚

        7 days in Japan with no sightseeing? That sounds so sad! I hope you at least got to eat some tasty things.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Or better yet: cats eating donuts? =)

        Prepare to be sad: I am the pickiest eater since eating was invented. I damn-near starved in Japan, LOL! (Don’t eat fish, rice, or veggies. Seriously. Thank god for Mr. Donut. O_o) I was there with my dad, who was there for a balloon event (each of us kids got to go with him once); between the lack of calories and the jet lag, I’m surprised I got out of bed at all! I would like to go back and actually do stuff someday!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Wow, you DO sound picky! LOL. I was only slightly picky when I first moved there but after HAVING to eat ALL of my food during the school lunches (had to set a good example for the kiddos), I can eat anything now. Fish heads? Bring it on! But yes, Mr. Donut was a MUST for me whenever I traveled outside of my village. Pon de Lion is the best mascot ever. :3

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