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A Mesa Sweater Dress

Winter is here! And with it comes the need for some winter clothes. Most of my sewing projects consist of warm weather pieces, but that’s mostly due to the fact that we have a 9-month long summer in Arizona. I desperately need to have some me-made winter pieces, so I bring you the Seamwork Mesa Sweater Dress!

IMG_6719OK maybe I should have prefaced this post with, “These aren’t my best pictures, so bear with me. And please pay no attention to my chopped-off legs.” Most of these were taken in a cemetery in uptown New Orleans, across the street from the famous restaurant Commander’s Palace. DD and I had lunch at Commander’s while we were visiting our family over the Thanksgiving break and decided to check out the cemetery when we finished. As you can see, New Orleans cemeteries are way more interesting than your standard cemetery, so don’t think that we are creepers!

But another thing to note is Commander’s Palace has 25-cent martinis at lunchtime, so that also played a part in the not-quite-up-to-standard photography.

25-cent martinis and a birthday chef’s hat… adulting is fun!

It was a really good lunch.

Anyway, back to the dress.

IMG_6732I used the Seamwork Mesa pattern from the June issue (check out my first Mesa here!). Unlike my first Mesa, I did not tweak the neckline with darts. I used a more stable fabric this time, so I didn’t have Droopy Neck Syndrome. This version shows the neckline as it was originally intended – more of a boat neck.

I also extended the sleeves since Mesa is a short-sleeved dress. I took out the sleeve pattern piece from McCall’s 6796 and just pinned it to the Mesa sleeves while cutting the fabric. I think it worked well!

IMG_6731I graded from a small on top to a large at the hips. I took in quite a bit from the sides and played with the hip curve since shift dresses don’t play well with my figure.

Oh, and the leggings are also me-made! I used a vegan stretch leather fabric from and used my self-drafted leggings pattern (using this tutorial from Etsy).

Front view

IMG_6811In the picture of the neckline above, you can see the fabric is meant to look like a cable-knit sweater, but it’s just a print on the fabric. The fabric reminds me of a towel on the wrong side.

IMG_6815It’s from (you guessed it), too, and it’s oh-so-soft.

Back view

I’m happy I had the foresight to center the pattern on the fabric while cutting. Symmetry is a good thing!

And now for more NOLA cemetery picture-dumping:

IMG_6725IMG_6722And the final one – this really shows how awkward I felt taking pictures in a cemetery while tipsy from multiple 25-cent martinis!

IMG_6721But you have to admit, there is a certain charm about the cemeteries. I never thought they were anything too special growing up until I moved to cities where cemeteries are very… plain. I do miss home sometimes because there’s really no place like New Orleans, but I enjoy exploring new cities (AND not having a ridiculous amount of rain, thanks Tucson!).

I hope you all are staying cozy wherever you are and that all of your Christmas errands are completed! I’ll be back on Christmas to share a special project I made for my Sit and Sew Secret Santa and a show-and-tell of the awesome gifts I got. 🙂


12 thoughts on “A Mesa Sweater Dress

  1. Love this dress! It looks so soft but it could be that cable print. It really tricks the eye. The long sleeves look great on the dress. I stay away from this style of dresses because I’m shaped like you. Smaller on the top with some junk in the trunk and I worry about the dress actuating how unproportionate I am. But you look great! I think you’ve changed my mind. The leggings are super awesome too! Lovin’ the whole outfit and the last pic. You look like you had a good time!

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    1. Thank you! I think making these types of dresses in knit fabric helps with our proportions.. that and sewing and re-sewing the heck out of the side seams to match that hourglass booty! Whew! If I didn’t rework the side seams, then this would be a potato sack on me.. horrible pooling in the lower back and all.

      It was a good time – and after the cemetery, we went to the French Quarter where I had a Mint Julep! Needless to say that day was very fuzzy for me, LOL. But good times all around. 😀

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  2. I feel the same way about New Orleans…I moved to Charleston from there three months ago, and I miss it. I got married back home over Thanksgiving week….and hilariously enough, we tried to go to Commander’s after the ceremony, but hadn’t made a reservation, so we couldn’t go. Your dress is lovely!

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    1. Thank you and congratulations on your marriage! That’s a shame about Commander’s for you. Maybe it will work during an anniversary trip in the future?

      Charleston is on my bucket list of places to visit. I hear it’s like a “cleaner” New Orleans but I guess nowhere is really like NOLA. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I resort to buying most of my knits online. Of course, you’re never sure exactly what the texture will be like until you get it (like with this fabric for me), but that’s part of the fun… I guess, lol!

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    1. Thank you! I think the Mesa pattern is what started me on this whole Seamwork kick. I have a few more patterns from them that I desperately need to use soon! I like how they’re fairly quick to make – there’s nothing quite like instant gratification!

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  3. Adorable dress, and those leggings are FABULOUS and I want a pair of my own! (As if I needed more things for my sewing queue, LOL!) And my one regret about visiting NOLA for an academic conference several years ago was not having a chance to visit any cemeteries; here in Ohio we have the regular kind (vast green carpet covered with headstones) with the occasional (usually private) mausoleum, and I wanted so badly to wander through the legendary cemeteries of NOLA. If I ever make it back there, it’s happening!!!

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    1. Thanks so much! Those leggings took me all of an hour and a half, from cutting to finish, to make. It would have been faster but it was during one of my Sit and Sew meetups, so there was some visiting and snacking happening, too. I thought the fabric would be warmer, but alas, I can’t wear them now because it’s been pretty chilly here lately. They are fun, though!

      And yes, definitely make your way to NOLA again! They have cemetery tours, so that would be a good idea if you want to get some history and back-stories. I took a tour in middle school and loved it. ❤ Haha is it creepy to be talking about cemeteries in this way? 😉

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