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Wedding Guest Party Dress!

There have been a LOT of weddings this past year. I don’t know if it’s because 2015 seems like a cool year to do it or if it just so happened that everyone I know is at marrying age RIGHT NOW. I recently went back home to New Orleans to attend two more of my friends’ weddings and it was a blast. Another good thing about weddings is making fun party dresses to wear!

This time, I focused on the main party dress almost every sewist has: Simplicity 1873, the Cynthia Rowley party dress of pleats!

screen-shot-2012-08-07-at-9-53-44-pmI made View C with a change to the waist. I had some leftover fabric from my Bridal Brunch Dress I made a couple of years ago. I thought less would be more with the champagne/pink bow fabric, so I opted to use a solid for the bottom half.

IMG_6551I also added a waistband, taken from my Sewaholic Cambie pattern. I felt the change between fabrics would be too drastic without a waistband to break it up. I think it worked out well!

IMG_6586The top fabric is a brocade-type satin-y fabric (I swear I need to learn my fabrics better!) from Joann’s. The bottom fabric is a stretch taffeta from SAS. The stretch taffeta was a dream to sew with and I have some in charcoal gray in my stash. It doesn’t have much drape, so with the full skirt and pleats, it flares out a bit. I was worried it looked a little too poofy and took a poll on social media… the consensus was that it was awesome, so I decided it’s a keeper. It’s very retro, in my opinion, and I think I might like that.



IMG_6575The only bummer is the satin fabric always seems to bunch at the zipper. I had the same problem with my Bridal Brunch Dress and at first I thought it was my sewing skills, or lack thereof. After sewing with this fabric a second time, I’ve come to realize it’s probably just crappy fabric.

IMG_6649I thought I had an ecru-colored invisible zipper in my stash when I was making this, but I could only find a vintage black metal invisible zipper that was long enough for the pattern. The black pull on top only irks me a little, but I feel better having metal zipper teeth versus plastic with the weight of this fabric and all of the straining/movement it encounters.

Sneak peek at the lining/metal zipper.

IMG_6647But hey, at least the rest of the zipper is completely invisible!

IMG_6557I made a size 10, grading to a 12 at the waist and skirt. When I made this dress two weeks before the wedding I wore it to, it fit well enough even though it was a little snug in the waist. By the time the wedding came along (after being in New Orleans for a week), everything was pretty snug. I had control-top pantyhose, but a week of eating fried seafood, other New Orleans treats, and Thanksgiving dinner(s) really took its toll. Thank goodness my gym membership is still active – time to work off some of that NOLA/holiday weight!

IMG_6591Everything was going smoothly until it came time for the skirt. I had some difficulties with fitting it even though I painstakingly matched up all of my pleats perfectly. The skirt waist circumference came up a lot shorter than the top’s waist circumference. I’m not sure what happened, but I messed around with the pleats for a while, trying to make the skirt fit the top, and ended up taking out a couple of pleats. I can’ remember where I took them out from, but it is at least symmetrical and no one is the wiser!

IMG_6588I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but at least my hair accessorizes well with my dress!

So, let’s talk about the weddings! The first wedding was for my childhood friend I grew up down the street from. I didn’t wear this dress, though… I ended up wearing the Wedding Guest Dress of DOOM. It’s still going strong although it’s a little snug now, but this was the third wedding-related event I wore it to and it always gets complimented. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous (as was my friend!) and the cakes were to die for:

12249898_10100415101220825_1548441063950298709_nAnd my personal favorite:

12243426_10100415101250765_2538902086249700044_nCheck out that groom’s cake! HARRY FREAKING POTTER! Squee!!

OK, now onto the second wedding: this time, for my good friend from college. I wore my new dress for this one, mostly because I wore my other me-made dresses to 2 other college friends’ weddings and we’re all in the same friend-group, so everyone had seen those dresses already. The wedding was also absolutely gorgeous and here are the cake pictures:

12274457_10100417953634565_480585979680081807_nAnd the groom’s cake:

12313832_10100417953614605_6884253748564040137_nHe’s a huge fan of Batman – and, hey! I just noticed he sneaked a tribute to Notre Dame football in there, too. Ha!

Of course, modern weddings wouldn’t be complete without some photo booth action. Here’s the spread from both weddings. I brought DD to the first wedding and my mom to the second (DD was going fishing for his birthday early the next morning, so I wanted to make sure I would stay at the wedding ’til the end!).

11214306_10100418121882395_3975970109119541159_n-001I also obviously cannot take a normal photo booth picture to save my life. Good times, indeed. Oh, man… I miss my friends now. Wah. 😦

But anyhoo, those will probably be my last weddings for a while – unless more friends decide to get married! It was fun making a pretty dress and even more fun attending the weddings.

IMG_6598‘Til next time!


13 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Party Dress!

    1. Thanks so much! Other than the wedding dress, the cake is one of the most important things! (except, you know, eternal love and stuff). Unfortunately I didn’t partake of the cakes in the first wedding since I was working on overcoming a sinus infection and everything was kind of a blur. The second wedding cake, though.. oh my gosh! It was a praline filling and it was TO DIE FOR. Ugh now I want cake, too! πŸ˜‰

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  1. I love it!!! I would never have known about the sacrificial pleats (I feel for you there–I just had my own fiasco with a fancy dress and had to figure something out as I was sewing it!), and that taffeta is the perfect fabric to show off the shape of the skirt. The waistband addition was a FABULOUS idea–it looks like it belongs there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, thank you! It was fun to wear and I hope I have another fancy gathering to wear it again! But things don’t get too fancy here in Tucson… where people wear wife beaters and leggings as pants to fancy restaurants, LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this dress!! The skirt flares out perfectly and is a nice contrast to the bodice fabric. Have you tried using a strip of interfacing on the edges of the fabric before you insert the zip? I find that this helps to stabilize things a little and prevents crinkling. I need those shoes too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I have tried it with a less stable fabric and it was still crinkly, but not as bad. I think this dress could have benefited from a little stabilization for sure… woops!

      The shoes were the ones I wore for my own wedding! I got them about 8 years ago from Aldo online and I’m still in love with them. πŸ™‚


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