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Cozy Fleece Hudson PJ Pants

For my US readers, I hope y’all had a Happy Thanksgiving and stuffed yourselves silly! For everyone else, I hope you’re doing great and are ready for Christmas! Yes, ’tis the season…. finally!

I was fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving back home in New Orleans with my family and friends. It was our first Thanksgiving in New Orleans since 2008! Oh how I missed Grandma’s oyster patties!

Now that it’s officially Christmas season (yay!), I’m going to share a very seasonally-appropriate piece of clothing… my third pair of True Bias Hudson Pants – AKA Cozy Fleece PJ Pants! (See #1 here and #2 here, if you’re curious.)

Yep, my shirt reads, “Weekend Forecast – Sewing with a chance of drinking”

This is definitely a pair that shouldn’t get any time out in public. These are strictly for lazing around indoors, staying warm, and enjoying a tasty beverage. My drink of choice here is a delicious peach cream ale/lager brewed by DD himself. Yep, he makes his own beer! A total keeper, I know. This beer is a bit special since it was an experiment. We hand-picked many pounds of peaches at a Pick-It-Yourself Farm in Wilcox, AZ and decided to throw them in a beer! We’re calling it an ale/lager because there’s ale and lager yeast in it and he umm… aled and lagered it? Hey, I don’t know much about making beer (I’m only the designated bottle-filler), but I sure know how to drink it.


The fabric is a fleece-backed sweatpant knit material from Girl Charlee. It’s very soft and cozy. I also love the shape of the pants and the cuff at the ankle to keep the pants from riding up while sleeping and for extra warmth.


Just like my other pairs of Hudsons, I omitted the drawstring at the waist. Random front tummy bumps aren’t my thing since I rarely tuck in my shirts.


Kind of a random picture, but I wanted the tree in it. Plus you get to see the plain but awesome pocket! The pockets are great for carrying cell phones, holiday cookies, and whatever else you can fit to carry around the house.


At Costco, there’s a Beer Advent Calendar (that lovely thing I’m sitting next to). Yes, you heard me… a BEER ADVENT CALENDAR. There are 24 German beers inside, all over 16 ounces. They are DELICIOUS. And this is our third box since October. Don’t judge.


It also helps that the box is super festive and has a picture of Rothenburg, Germany! DD and I loved this city when we visited Europe last year. I can imagine how adorable it must look when it’s all decked out in holiday decorations.

Oh, and by the way, this post makes my 100th post on Sew RED-y! Holy macaroni! Sew RED-y has only been up and running for 1 1/2 years. That’s almost a post a week! I think this calls for a drink…

Thanks to my cousin for the cute slippers!

Cheers! Here’s to 100 + more!


16 thoughts on “Cozy Fleece Hudson PJ Pants

  1. Love these pants!! They look so comfy, and I totally get why you’d eliminate the drawstring. I don’t have the women’s version of the pattern, but am working on making the men’s version for Tom for xmas because I am an awesomely nice wife. 😉 (And speaking of husbands, I am the designated bottle-filler at our house, too!)

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    1. Oooh y’all make your own beer, too? That just makes you even more awesome! High five to home brew, yeah!

      DD has a pair similar to this from H&M and I got a little jealous, so I had to get the Hudson Pants for myself, LOL. This version is super comfy and they’ll pretty much be in full rotation until spring. 😀

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      1. Well, Tom is the brewmaster; I just help bottle and sanitize. (You know, the b*tch work, LOL!!) Never acquired the taste for beer either, so I don’t even get to enjoy the results! Have you and DD named your operation? Tom even created a logo for his, haha!

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      2. So you have to do all the dirty work and you can’t/don’t even enjoy the fruits of your labor? That sounds like love right there, LOL. I unfortunately have a major taste for beer and drink practically every day (DD swears up and down about the health benefits of home brew… I used it mostly this week to help settle an upset stomach, and it worked!). We haven’t named our operation – we’re not that fancy yet. The closest we came was naming our first try at a Kolsch beer “The Angry German” because it blew up all over my sewing room (it was the beer/sewing room before, but I kind of took over…). I guess the yeast gasses couldn’t escape fast enough and BOOM! It still came out OK but needless to say the second Kolsch he made didn’t blow up and was super delicious. What’s the name of y’all’s operation? And yes, I used “y’all’s” because I’m southern and that’s how we do. :-p

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      3. Hah!! I am trying to picture a beer explosion–sounds sticky (and stinky!) to me! But what a great name for that batch!! The first time I bottled, I didn’t realize I couldn’t lower the tubing while the valve on the tank was open, and I ended up spraying beer ALL OVER my vintage wool pencil skirt. Still not really over that one, LOL. Tom named his operation “Jousting Walleye,” of all things. The logo is hilarious: it’s a literal walleye fish piercing a hop bud with a jousting lance, LOL.


      4. Jousting Walleye – cute! It’s a very beer-sounding name and the logo seems fitting, LOL! Beer makes me happy, so the names should make me happy, too.

        Sorry about your vintage skirt! I’ve learned to never wear anything nice around baby beer. I always get some on me when I bottle :-\

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    1. Thank you! It doesn’t feel like I’ve posted 100x already, but I guess umm.. posts fly when you’re having fun? Or something?

      When I saw the T-shirt, I immediately had to get it. It sums up my weekends perfectly!


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