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A Mustard Ondee

Bonjour, mes amis! I hope today is finding you well. As for those of you in France, I hope you are able to get back to some normalcy after the recent tragic events. My heart goes out to all of you affected. Stay strong!

This post features a piece by Deer and Doe, a French indie pattern company. A little while ago, I fell in love with some pieces from their 2015 fall/winter collection and had to make my first purchase.

12004894_10100385890414515_7125397181122218690_nUgh, aren’t they all tres cute? The one on the far left, the Ondee, is not one of the newest patterns, but it’s the one I’m sharing today.

IMG_6524It’s a crop sweater top meant to layer over dresses. Now I have an excuse to wear all of my Colette Moneta Dresses ALL year long! I swear I’m not obsessed…. much….

I’m wearing it with Moneta #2, which gets a LOT of love.

IMG_6527I made a size 40, grading to a 42 at the waist. My measurements put me at a 38, but after making the free Plantain T-Shirt pattern from Deer and Doe, I found sizing up helped. I’m not sure it’s the case for the Ondee, though. It looks a little big to me due to the wrinkles, but I wanted to make sure it would fit over my dresses without being too snug.

IMG_6530The fabric is from and has been in my stash for a couple of years. It’s a ponte knit, so it’s a little thick, stable, and easy to sew. I really love the color mustard yellow, but I realized an entire dress made out of this fabric would really wash me out. So I settled for a half-outfit and still have enough fabric left over to make a skirt.

IMG_6520Isn’t it just lovely? I love the texture and the comfort of the ponte knit, so I ordered more in a kelly green. I wonder if I should make another Ondee from it?

IMG_6534I think the next time I make this, I’ll probably make the 38. It should fit better, but I’m thinking I’ll get a decent amount of wear out of this one!

IMG_6540I’m just so happy that we finally have real autumn weather here in Tucson. We’ve had a few chilly days and a few warm days, but after the rain (yes, check out that wet sidewalk!) it’s going to be chilly and stay chilly. And by chilly, I mean 65 degrees F (18 degrees C). Hey, after a summer of temperatures over 100 degrees F, I think it’s acceptable that I’m cold when it gets under 70 degrees!

I’ve got a long list of fall/winter sewing to do and I am so excited to get started. I haven’t sewn much cold-weather clothing, so it’ll be something new and challenging (I bought faux fur and a wool blend… oooh!). DD and I plan on doing a bit of international travel in the next year – definitely Japan in early March and maybe hit up Oktoberfest in Germany in September! I’ll definitely need some warm clothing then!

What about you – are you working on your cold-weather wardrobe yet?


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