My Sort-Of Me-Made Vacation

Hi, y’all! I’m back from my vacation to Orlando, Florida… and let me tell you, after going back to work for a week, I’m ready to escape to Orlando again. I miss my happy place!

DD and I went to Universal Studios to check out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley and then joined his parents in Disney World for the Food and Wine Festival. It was soooo much fun and soooo magical, but soooo crowded! It looks like everyone wanted to go during the Columbus Day holiday week… but kids aren’t usually out of school then (at least not in my experience going to school in southeast USA), so I’m wondering if naughty parents pulled their kids out of school to go. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, I did wear some me-made pieces while on vacation – starting with my Harry Potter Dress for Muggles:

Hanging out at #12 Grimmauld Place

Of course we had to stop in the Leaky Cauldron for a Butterbeer… or two…

DSC01913I swear, the Butterbeer tasted better than I remembered. This needs to be a thing in real life and not just in Harry Potter World!

And you KNOW we needed to ride the Escape from Gringotts ride!

Hangin’ with the goblins

The ride was pretty neat, but I don’t think it lived up to the hype, sorry to say. I felt the same for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in Islands of Adventure when we went 2 years ago – I don’t know… I guess it’s just the over-use of motion simulation screens that I’m not into. That and it usually makes me queasy. I know, I’m a wuss.

Diagon Alley itself, however, was pretty intense. The details in the street and shops were amazing, not to mention the dragon on top of Gringotts Bank that spewed real fire!

DSC01920Straight outta the movies, right??

I have lots more pictures, but I’ll try to stay focused on the handmade portion of my vacation. 😉 Next up is Disney World!

If you saw in my last post, I made DD’s mom and myself some fun Disney t-shirts, completely handmade. We had so much fun the day we wore them that we almost forgot to take a picture of us together… so here’s us rocking our Disney tees in the hotel room with our cool balloon swords.

DSC01973Ariel looks a little warped because of the way I’m standing… oh, well.

DD’s mom loved her shirt – she wore it twice that week! I’m so happy it fit and that she didn’t mind geeking out with me and semi-matching. I think I should get a lot of wear out of my own T-shirt because it was just so comfortable and breathable in the humidity and heat. Win-win!

And of course no trip to a Disney resort is complete without busting out my Little Mermaid Dress:

DSC01990This usually gets some attention and I had fun accessorizing with my Ariel necklace and starfish hair pin.

DSC01992Of course I had to pose with King Triton…

DSC01993… ummm, yeah.

So that’s about it for my semi-handmade vacation! In case you’re wondering, the rest of the time I did wear Disney-themed clothing, just bought from stores. DD mentioned he didn’t realize just how much Disney clothing I had. What can I say? I’m a fan!


6 thoughts on “My Sort-Of Me-Made Vacation

    1. I’ve seen online recipes for it. I need to try them out. I don’t know if I would remember exactly what it tastes like compared to Universal, but I’m down with butterscotch-flavored anything! I’m also interested in trying out the alcoholic version with butterscotch schnapps I’ve seen around….


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