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A Harry Potter Dress for Muggles

This is technically a “Throwback Thursday” post… you didn’t think I had another one up my sleeve, did you? I made this 2 years ago for my first trip to Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter right after my wedding. I had made a Little Mermaid Dress for our trip to Disney Land in 2012, so why not make another one for one of my favorite fandoms?

I wanted to use Harry Potter fabric, but after some Google-searching, it turns out they stopped printing HP licensed fabric around 2002. Bummer. And yes, I know Spoonflower has some cool HP fabrics to choose from (it’s a site where you can design your own fabric), but I was on a budget at the time and didn’t want to make a $50+ dress just to wear occasionally. So I perused Joann’s and found a quilting cotton with a cool galaxy print that reminded me of Harry’s Invisibility Cloak. Good enough, but I needed something that made it more “Potter-ish.” That’s when fabric paint came to the rescue!

IMG_6336Ta-da, a one-of-a-kind HP dress! I used Butterick B5781 and wanted to lengthen the torso since the original waistline hit my ribs. I think I lengthened it about 4″, which I found to be WAY TOO LONG, but time was running short and I couldn’t re-do the zipper and waistband in time for my wedding/trip.

IMG_6338This is after a few runs in the washing machine and dryer, but I used 2 coats of Tulip Fashion Glitter fabric paint and outlined in black Sharpie. I made a stencil for the HP by cutting out the logo from a piece of thin cardboard with an Exacto knife. Having a stencil made it MUCH easier and faster!

IMG_6339Ooh that lens flare makes it look magical!

IMG_6340I lined the bodice in the same quilting cotton as the dress – which was kind of a bad idea. It makes it pretty thick and a little warm for Orlando weather. I made the same mistake with one of my Cambie dresses… you’d think I would have learned! Take it from me, y’all, there’s a reason there’s such a thing as lining fabrics.

IMG_6341At least I did a decent job with the invisible zipper. Check out that seam-matching!

IMG_6342I didn’t do so well with making the zipper flush with the top, though. At the time, I had long hair so I didn’t care about things like that, but now it would drive me crazy.

Here’s a few shots of the dress in action, from our post wedding mini-moon trip in October 2013:

DSC01477Hogwarts Express!!! I ended up accessorizing with a belt to break up the weird long torso. It’s not the greatest fit, but then again, it’s not something I wear all the time.

DSC01453My dress did get some attention at the park, and I was picked to be part of the wand-choosing at Ollivander’s! The wand chose me, so I of course had to buy it. It’s probably the most basic wand you can get there, but I fell into the tourist trap, LOL.

My nails have never looked so good…

And of course what trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be complete without a taste of Butterbeer? Here’s a tip: the frozen BB is better than the non-frozen BB! Sooo yummy… sooo much diabetes….

Next week, DD and I are taking a trip to Orlando with his parents to do the newest WWoHP Park (Diagon Alley) and Disney World! SO EXCITED, Y’ALL! I’m still deciding whether or not I should wear this again. It’s not the most comfortable thing to wear on a humid, action-packed day where you walk for miles on end in the Florida sun. But I think I’ll pack it anyway in case I have a change of heart… plus I have to admit, I kind of like the attention it brings. 🙂

I did make something(s) for our Disney World trip that I’m pretty excited about, but I’ll have to share that with you next week because it involves a piece I made for DD’s mom and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

In the meantime, stay magical!


6 thoughts on “A Harry Potter Dress for Muggles

  1. OMG I love that! I’m so jealous – I’m dying to go to the Harry Potter park, but now that I have a kid I’m putting it off until he gets older (or, until I can convince my parents to take a trip with us so they can babysit while I go have all the fun there!)

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