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The Migraine-Simulation Skirt

Speaking of migraines, happy Monday, everyone! As you can tell, I made a skirt! I then wore it to work where a coworker told me it reminded her of how things look when you have a migraine…. uh, thanks?

IMG_6019I thought it was a fun “tribal/ethnic” print, but hey, I’ll go with a migraine simulation! This was a super easy, super quick project that only took a couple of hours. Don’t you just love those kinds of projects?? It seems like I’ve only been doing easy projects lately, so I’m working on something a little more difficult now (in a woven fabric, gasp!) that I’ll share in a couple of weeks.

IMG_6043The pattern is McCall’s M6966 and I made a maxi skirt last year from this pattern. Actually, I wanted this to be a maxi skirt, too, but silly me – I didn’t buy enough fabric for a maxi. I was determined to make this awesome fabric a skirt, so I just went with the shorter skirt option and I’m liking it.

IMG_6071The fabric is from and is a nice mid-heavy weight ponte knit. Pontes are so easy to sew! No curling edges when you’re trying to pin, no shifting under the presser foot… it’s like sewing a piece of heaven.

Since McCall’s tends to run their knit patterns on the larger side, I made a straight size small (and let me tell you, this booty ain’t no size small!).

IMG_6053I tried to match the “stripes” on the side seams and I think I was successful. Thank you, Sewing Community, for now making me a super snob about stripe matching.

As far as construction goes, I serged most of the seams and used my regular machine to make the channel for the hidden waistline elastic and to sew the hem.

There’s not much else to say about this easy-peasy skirt, so I’ll leave you with a picture of me in a desert musical (AKA I ran out of poses…):


“See you next WEEEEEEEEEEEK!”


29 thoughts on “The Migraine-Simulation Skirt

    1. This is my first time making/wearing something with a tribal print. I think I might be hooked! Thanks – and I’m kind of obsessed with those boots 😉


  1. Gkrgeous skirt! As a migraine sufferer I can say that it does have a certain quality that may remind one of a migraine😀. Doesnt distract from its loveliness. Style suits you to a tee. Cant wait to see you woven make😘

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    1. Thank you! I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a migraine before, so I’ll just take everyone’s word for it. I was also stumped as to what to call this skirt. 🙂

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  2. OMG! Your migraine skirt and my retina-searing shirt need to get together and cause chaos! 😉 Obviously I totally love this skirt (yay for sadist sewing projects!). Excellent stripe matching on the sides, too. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to with that woven project!

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    1. Thank you, thank you!

      Oh gosh, if we ever meet in real life, this MUST happen! It might even be news-worthy: “Two sewists wreaking havoc and chaos everywhere they go. Don’t look at their outfits if you don’t want your eyeballs to fall out!” 😉

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      1. Dude, the fine and community service they’d give us would be sooooo worth it! (Incidentally, we are possibly going to be visiting AZ in the spring, and I have already thought that we should try to meet up. Is that weird? Am I officially a creeper now??)

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      2. Hooray!! We are headed out there to visit Tom’s grandfather, who lives about an hour from the Grand Canyon, LOL. But we thought it would be cool to fly into Tucson for a night, rent a car, and then drive to grandpa’s house so we can see the scenery. Soooo we’d be in the same place for like, 12-18 hours!!

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  3. I don’t think it looks like what I see when I get migraines =D I really like your skirt. Especially the matching stripes. Oh my goodness how this bothers me now when I see it on RTW clothes people buy. My daughter thinks I’m nuts when I try to line things up when I’m cutting it. My husband calls it dedication, his other word for OCD =P

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    1. Thank you! I totally want to go up to people wearing the stripe-atrocity outfits and shake them and be like “DO YOU NOT SEE IT?!?!”

      And hey, you gotta be a little OCD with sewing… otherwise things get a little wonky!


  4. I don’t know about migraine inducement, but this is a great print skirt, and I’m sure it’s super comfy. Ponte is absolutely the best of all possible worlds, combining absurd comfort with sleekness. And woot woot for the stripe matching too. Bring on the stripe matching snobbery! When you take the extra time to match them they look infinitely better, and do you actually step back from it and say, man, I wish I hadn’t wasted those extra 5 minutes. Says no sewist ever!

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    1. Oh, it’s definitely comfy. I love secret pajamas at work!

      I can’t stand to look at RTW striped shirts/maxi dresses. I guess “normal” people don’t notice or care, lol. 🙂


    1. LOL thanks! I wore it to work again this past week and all I got was, “I love your skirt! You need to take me shopping because I never have luck.” When I told her I made it she was like “TEACH MEEE!” XD

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      1. I love when that happens!! It’s so fun when they ask, “OH where did you buy that?!” and you get to say you made it with your bare hands!!! (not to be confused with bear hands lol)

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      2. Yeah!! I think Mads from Life in a “Mad’s” House may stop through Tucson in the spring. We should have a blogger get together, w00t!!

        I’ve been itching to get to Vegas again but it might have to wait for a while. I have a trip to Disney World, New Orleans, and Japan coming up in the next 6 months so I’ll probably be whooped from all of that traveling!

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      3. That’s so cool!!! That’ll be so fun!! I’m jealous!
        Yeah maybe next spring I’ll make a trip too! I have a trip planned to Disneyland in October and I just had like 3 trips this year so I kinda want to wait before I make any more plans lol

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