Me Made May

Me-Made-May 2015 Reflections

I did it! I finally participated in Me-Made-May after 4 years of stalking the sewing blogosphere from afar. My goal was to wear at least 4 handmade garments per week. I managed to wear 29 handmade garments over the course of 31 days. I actually wore more (just pajamas) but didn’t feel like they qualified spamming Instagram and Facebook with something so trivial… although some pajamas did make the cut.

Here’s a look at the month in no particular order – mostly because I just let the collage feature of Picasa do all of the work and heck if I’m going to put them in chronological order:

MMM 2015If you want to check out the weekly breakdown, go for it:

MMM Week 1

MMM Week 2

MMM Week 3

MMM Week 4

MMM Week 5

Thoughts on my own personal MMM:

I noticed only 6 of my 29 outfits consisted of woven fabrics. I partially blame my slight obsession with and the comfort factor of knits. A really cool thing I also noticed is 3 pairs of my items for the month are made of matching fabric. Hooray for using scraps and stash busting! That’s why I make sure I absolutely love the fabric before I buy it, because it will probably be made into more than one item. 🙂

I didn’t wear too many items I made within my first two years of sewing. It looks like only a couple of those items made the cut. I guess I could have tried to incorporate more of my older makes, but I didn’t really put that much effort into my MMM outfits and I barely wear the older stuff anyway. It’s mostly because either the fit is off or I just made garments that don’t go with my style. In my first two years of sewing, I focused on obtaining a new skill for each project I made. Those skills included things like making pleats, pintucks, and gathers, sewing with slippery fabric, installing invisible zippers, etc. I was experimenting with the cheapest fabric I could get my hands on and I wasn’t to skilled in picking out the “good” fabric from the “bad.” I like to think my fabric choices and pattern choices have gotten better since then. 🙂

I am also very aware of my lack of handmade pants. I hope to rectify that with some Sewaholic Thurlows and Ginger Jeans this year. It will also help ensure I keep my pledge for next year of wearing at least one me-made garment everyday for the month of May. Oh yeah, you know I’ll be participating again!

I know I am in dire need of a full-length mirror and MMM 2015 was a constant reminder. I tried convincing DD while we were at IKEA that we should get one, but I guess he doesn’t understand the struggle, ha! At least he was a good enough sport that he was OK with taking some MMM pictures for me so I could mix things up instead of having a whole month of bathroom selfies.

If I had to choose a favorite garment for MMM, it would be my ‘MURICA! Dress. You guys don’t know how stoked I am that I can bust out this obnoxiously patriotic dress every single year for Me-Made-May. Hooray for Memorial Day!

Thoughts on MMM in general:

Lots of people complain about the hassle of taking daily photos and I see where they’re coming from, but I found the photos and sharing to be the funnest part of the challenge. I enjoyed getting feedback and compliments on my outfits from all over the world. I actually kind of miss sharing my [almost] daily handmade outfits but I know my social media feed would KILL me if I did this all year long, especially my non-sewing friends.

I also noticed more “likes” and comments on my Instagram feed. I gained a few new followers and found some more cool creative people to follow, too. MMM is a great way of connecting with the wider sewing world and getting yourself noticed.

This has been a great challenge and I’m excited to see what I’ll make and wear for next year’s MMM! Prepare yourselves!


9 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2015 Reflections

  1. Yay! You did great darling! I have been the same as you, admiring all the fun from afar. Hopefully I will be able to participate next year!! It always looks like such fun and the fact you make more friends sounds like the best thing ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Yes, definitely participate! Then you can wear your refashioned Star Wars t-shirt on May 4th!. .. oh, wait, you already did lol. 😉

      But yeah DO EET. NEXT YEAR!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved following your progress. The ‘myriad dress was my favorite too. Besides the fact that it looks great on you, you made me laugh good over that one! I agree about buying fabric that you love so that you can use it up to bits too. I’ve started thinking about how designers often use the same fabric throughout their collections and how it adds more cohesiveness and less, “oh, that again?!” Like the curtain get ups in The Sound of Music…all of them are from unique designs even though they use the same fabric. More of the same but not really!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for following along! Oh man, if I ever find either a cute knit cat or chicken print, I’d probably make a whole wardrobe out of it. I love how sewing opens up opportunities to make really off the wall things. 🙂


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