Me Made May

Me-Made-May Week 5

Well, my first year of Me-Made-May is officially over and I’m proud to say I not only stuck to my pledge, but exceeded the amount of handmade garments I thought I would wear. For week 5, I wore something me-made every day (again!). I would like to put together my thoughts on how the month went and where I need to fill wardrobe gaps, but honestly I’m so worn out from a weekend of fun and sun that I’ll probably do that over the next weekend. It’s hitting over 100 degrees now and the hotter it gets, the lazier I become. Now onto the outfits!

Monday, 5/25

11108883_10100324289962315_8274138662376121697_nIt was a beautiful Memorial Day so I wore my Peacock Maxi Dress. Sorry, ‘Murica Dress, you got your thunder on Friday

Tuesday, 5/26

11014935_10100325577152775_7419809866780140121_nThis is an unblogged dress of my first attempt at McCall’s 6754. I made a size medium, but it turned out wayyyy too large and I had to take it in a lot. The straps ended up being far too wide so a cardigan is handy to cover that craziness up!

Wednesday, 5/27

11329841_10100327500159055_3702855907064777127_nBusting out my first Pneuma Tank to go to the gym, complete with weird facial expression and sad muscle flexing.

Thursday, 5/28

1780889_10100328343713565_9151133483967467457_nThis is the first shirt I ever made… an oldie but goodie!

Friday, 5/29

11258830_10100329441428735_2663404513599963937_nDD and I were off on Friday, so we took a day trip to Phoenix to do some shopping. I wore a Franken-patterned dress that I made last winter. I can now wear it more frequently since it’s hotter than hell outside now.

Saturday, 5/30

11329745_10100330884182445_2993028796645608491_nI spent Saturday morning sewing another Colette Moneta, yet to be blogged. I swear these are going to become my personal uniform… I think I’m at 5 now?

Sunday, 5/31

11053210_10100331394155455_5400345861816500460_nI didn’t get a full outfit photo because I was a bit tired from the night before, but this is the first Colette Moneta I’ve made. DD and I went to a friend’s house to go swimming, so this was perfect as a cover-up. Not to mention it was a good time to bust out the creepy/funny chicken purse my brother and sister-in-law gave me for my birthday last year.

That wraps up the week! I’ll be back for a super-final MMM post… a month in retrospect. See you then! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Week 5

    1. Do it! It looks good on everyone I’ve seen wear it. It’s so (sew) easy and since it’s knit, you don’t have to tweak sizing much or at all. 🙂

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