Me Made May

Me-Made-May Week 2

The first full week of May is over and I’m thoroughly enjoying Me-Made-May. I was expecting it to be harder to find items to wear at least 4x per week, but I guess my “cake” sewing binge that started last year is paying off. The week was OK, nothing too special – although DD and I are now proud members of the Tucson Homebrew Club. Yay beer! I spent this past weekend sewing quite a bit, but it was all selfless sewing for an art trade I’m doing with a coworker. I’ll share that sometime in the near future but it’s been enjoyable!

OK now for the pictures! I’m posting almost daily on my Instagram account, so follow me if you just can’t wait a whole week to see my outfits (haha, because they’re sooo interesting…).

Monday, 5/4:

1462921_10100308779884635_5459945837583752897_nI wore RTW (ready-to-wear) clothing for work, so I tossed on one of my Pneuma Tanks for the gym in the evening. (Pssst, there’s a mini-tutorial in the link to make your Pneuma Tank bra able to hold foam bra cups!)

Tuesday 5/5:

11183452_10100308977443725_7942251841239342508_nA quick picture before work wearing my SPRING IS HERE dress.

Friday, 5/8:

11202954_10100310232718145_4748933112834569787_nI busted out my kimono for casual Friday at work. It’s also Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so yay for a theme!

Saturday, 5/9:

11202580_10100310658604665_752337959710672916_nI was in my pajamas sewing for most of the day on Saturday, but then it was time to go have an awesome sushi dinner with DD! I made the leggings (unblogged) using my own measurements and a tutorial from Etsy. They fit perfectly and I want to bust out a faux leather pair soon. This pair looks kind of like jeans fabric… so ummm… jeggings?

Sunday, 5/10:

11019573_10100310934252265_2273644127182596612_nNo makeup day = phone in front of my face selfie. We didn’t do anything for Mother’s Day (our moms are across the country… wah!) so after the gym, we went to the grocery and I threw on my Dress of All Things Rock. BECAUSE GROCERY SHOPPING RAWKS!!!

Wow, so 5 handmade items for week 2 (actually 6 but I didn’t count my Halloween PJ pants… maybe for another week!). Not too shabby. I’ll have some dresses to share with you on Friday, but I’ll see you next Monday for more Me-Made-May Madness!


7 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Week 2

    1. Thank you! I should probably make them soon because it’s getting HAWT here in Tucson. It might just have to wait for the fall since I changed my serger needles and thread for light-colored wovens and I’m not ready to change it back for dark-colored knits!

      DD does the brewing, I help with cleaning, sanitizing, bottling, and drinking. His club membership comes with a +1, so I have my own fancy card to get discounts at breweries around town! It’s a pretty sweet deal but I have to watch it as my beer belly is threatening to expand. You can’t beat a homebrew, though!


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