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Pneuma Pneuma Pneuma Tank! (and tutorial!)

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my college graduation. Yes, I am old. But 10+ years ago also marks a time where one of the original viral videos started and it was a wonderful memory from college. Does anyone remember the Numa Numa guy?

Of course you do! A little while ago, Papercut Patterns released their Pneuma Tank pattern. Every time I see or hear of this pattern, I think of our beloved Numa Numa (Pneuma Pneuma) guy. I also knew I had to have it because that’s a darn cute workout top!

I ordered the Pneuma Tank and the Bellatrix Blazer and I have to say that the packaging is beyond awesome!

This doesn’t even do it justice. I literally can’t even.

If you order a pattern from them, you’ll see what I mean. There is so much thought put into all aspects of the pattern – including directions on how to store your pattern pieces using the packaging!

The pattern itself is printed on butcher paper, which is great because it’s not made of flimsy tissue paper. I traced the pattern with tracing paper instead of cutting into the butcher paper because 1) it’s easier to pin to your fabric and 2) this pattern is expensive and I want it to last FOREVER!

IMG_5514For my first rendition, I traced and cut a size XS for the bra and graded from a XS to S for the tank. You have to love a pattern that thinks you’re smaller than you really are. Yay for vanity sizing!

IMG_5527Check out this crazy beefcake-ness! The fabric is from Joann’s from the “dance wear” section. It’s holding up nicely so far.

IMG_5529I love the detail of the loose, flowy top with the sports bra underneath. I’ve been looking for a top like this and I’m so glad I could actually make one!

IMG_5522The straps are from my local mill-end store, SAS, and are just a lingerie-type elastic. I think it was something like $0.15 per yard. What a deal!

OK time for some action shots:

Fake running awkwardness

IMG_5533OK I guess that’s enough beefcake pictures… for now. I actually tweaked this pattern so I could insert foam bra cups from my store-bought sports bras. That’s the only thing missing from this pattern for those of you whom like a little extra padding. I’ll show you how you can easily change up the bra to make this happen!


First, you’ll cut out two of the front bra portion. Get a drinking glass and position it in the middle of the side seam.

IMG_5445Mark your semi-circle on both sides…

IMG_5446…like so…

IMG_5447And cut!

IMG_5448Layer your front bra pieces together and baste them as if they were one piece.

IMG_5449[I basted where the pins are]


Sew your pattern up as normal, and when you get to the end, you can do a quick “V” of stitching to keep the cups in place. I used a zig zag stitch.


IMG_5627See? Easy peasy and you get extra support and coverage!

Since you were so nice to sit through my quick tutorial, I’ll throw in a second Pneuma Tank!

IMG_5646This one is definitely my favorite so far. The fabric is from and is a cute comic print!

IMG_5647“My love is lost in the city!”

“Don’t worry, I will find you!”

IMG_5649I traced off a straight size XS for this version since my first draped a little weird with the size grading. The comic print is also lighter and drapier than my purple version, so it’s absolutely perfect for working out in my local stuffy Tucson gym.

IMG_5650I used ruffle stretch elastic from Joann’s for the straps. It adds some texture and fun!

And what’s a handmade gym clothes post without some MORE action shots?


Now doesn’t this make you want to make some workout clothes and GET BUFF? I will definitely be making more Pneuma Tanks in the future since I have some more fun fabric that will work. Going to the gym isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do, so it’s nice to look forward to feeling cute while sweating your booty off!

Have you attempted to make workout clothing before? Do you even care about putting forth some effort into your outfit when you work out?



14 thoughts on “Pneuma Pneuma Pneuma Tank! (and tutorial!)

  1. So cute! The straps are really cool on these tops, and they seem like they’re supportive too with all the elastic. The comic book print is really fun–I’ve missed that one at Girl Charlee. I’m all for getting buff! Mostly I exercise in pajamas because I do videos at home, don’t sweat much, and want to get my workouts done asap in the morning so I can be on with my day. So, the short answer is no, I haven’t made any activewear, but Fehr Trade’s patterns of late have been quite tempting. I like to get out and run when the weather is nice enough, but outside gear has to have layering possibilities because of our wind…thinking through all of that has so far been more trouble than I’m willing to figure out. Some day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Fehr Trade! That’s the company I was thinking of but couldn’t remember their name. I will definitely have to get some of their patterns, too.

      The straps get confusing when you’re trying to put the top on (where does my head go?!) but once it’s on, it’s pretty comfy. I’m tempted to wear these tops during my Disney World vacation this October because they’re so comfortable and breezy. Florida is still pretty hot then. 🙂

      I understand the layering dilemmas for running outdoors. I just started jogging again, but I have to do that on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t like the outdoors much, plus allergy season is still in effect!


  2. This looks great. My daughter is a dancer and I hate how revealing the affordable outfits are. The pricey ones coverore but cost an arm and a leg plus throw in a quickly growing tween, well you get the idea. Thanks for introducing me to this designer.

    Liked by 1 person

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