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Peacock Scoop Top

What’s better than cute t-shirt patterns? FREE cute t-shirt patterns! I’ve already made the famous Deer and Doe Plantain a while back, but I wasn’t aware of the Scoop Top by Skirt As Top until I was perusing Pinterest and saw a pin with links to many free t-shirt patterns. Thanks for adding to the addiction, Pinterest!

The Scoop Top is a PDF pattern that has minimal pieces. Keep in mind you also have to draft a neck band yourself as it’s not included on the pattern. It is super easy to print, tape, cut, and sew in a half day. It also helps that there are no sleeve pieces – it’s kind of a kimono style, so no need to fuss with that!


I had some fabric leftover from my Peacock Maxi Dress, so I whipped this up in a matter of hours:


The shirt is printed as one size. I think it’s a M/L and I didn’t make any changes to the sizing. It is a little big on me, so if I make this again, I will probably shave an inch off the sides and possibly raise the neckline. I left off the pocket and added twill tape to the shoulder seams for stabilization. The twill tape also makes the sleeves poke out a little more than they should, but let’s call that a design element. 🙂


It has a high/low hemline which makes for a cute butt flap detail. You all know how much I love butt flaps! If you lengthen the hem, this would be a cute top to wear with leggings.


Excuse the hat – I was having a bad hair day. But I insisted on taking these pictures because the blog must go on! (And I have quite a backlog of projects to photograph, yikes…)


The sleeves and hemline are serged then turned under and stitched. The neck band is sewn onto the shirt then top stitched. I used the “lightning” stitch for the top stitching, but could have gotten away with a straight stitch since the neck hole is pretty large and doesn’t need to stretch to get it over your head.

Well, there’s not a whole lot left to say about this top. It’s easy and fast and fun! So for some fun, here’s an outtake of me running out of ideas for posing:

Style and Grace

I’ll catch you later in May! Can you believe Me-Made-May is almost here!? GAWD!



21 thoughts on “Peacock Scoop Top

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Silly question, what’s a trillby? I suppose it’s one of those English words that didn’t make it’s way into our American-English vocabulary. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Good to see that you are using every inch of this gorgeous fabric! The top looks great and the peplum is perfect. I really like your hat too, I need one of those as I often have ‘bad hair days!’


  2. LOL I saw that back photo and instantly thought, “OMG, another butt flap!” And then I saw your comment below it and LOL’d even harder. xD

    I have about one grillion free t-shirt patterns in my Google Drive and haven’t made a single one–I gotta get on it! This one is particularly cute, especially in this fabric. (What can I say? Peacock is a good look for you. 😉 ) And while I refuse to believe you are capable of having a bad hair day, you do rock the sh*t out of that hat!


    1. Butt flaps for everyone! I just like having the extra security so when I bend over I won’t be flashing my crack everywhere.

      Dressing in peacock is fun, but I need to get some chicken feather fabric. Then maybe my chickie ladies will want to cuddle with me again like they did when they were babies. *Sigh* they grow up so fast…

      Thanks for the comments! I always feel like I look weird with hats on, but this is boosting my confidence. 🙂

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  3. Love the shirt with the hat! I also didn’t post but the dress came out so good!! Love the pants too! You know how to pick the patterns and fabrics to go with them! XO


    1. Thank you, Shirley! Figuring out pattern/fabric marriages is one of the funnest parts of sewing…. other than actually buying the fabric, that is, LOL. ❤


    1. Everyone should rock the butt flap look! This is a super easy t-shirt and I’m wanting to try the “Fun Summer Tee” next. I just need to figure out which two fabrics I want to use. 🙂


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