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The Vogue Shirt of Doom!

I’ve had a few recent makes where I chose the wrong size – too large. Well, my friends, I swung completely the opposite way and made something too small. *Sigh* I feel like I’m having some Goldilocks moments with woven fabrics. Maybe one day I can get it just right.

The pattern is Vogue 1387, a loose-fitting blouse that would be really cute with leggings and some knee-high boots. I am so used to the ease in McCalls and Simplicity patterns being way too much, so I chose to make a size 8 even though my measurements land me more at a 12/14 from the pattern envelope. I thought I was being smart. Vogue is smarter. They actually have better drafting (from what I can tell from the only two tops I have made…) so the fit is better IF YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE.

It’s not a terrible make, but it took me longer than it should have with a shirt that’s kind of off. I chose a flowy chiffon-type fabric from a remnant pile at SAS. It was challenging to work with, but not all terrible. I French-seamed most of it because the fraying was a bit much. The fabric was crazy cheap, though, so I don’t feel mortified that this didn’t come out as planned.

IMG_5240Hmmm, that picture is kind of off – a little blurry. Here’s another photo (headless because it needs to be an outtake but DD didn’t take any more decent straight- on pictures).

IMG_5241OK so it doesn’t look too bad. The problem with the fit is most in the shoulder/bust area. You can see the armhole is right up in my arm pit – a very nice feeling… um, no, not really. I tried drafting short tulip sleeves because I thought I could get better movement than the long sleeves (plus it would have been way cute!). I sewed one sleeve on and it was kind of tragic. Too much pulling and wow was it uncomfortable. So, I scrapped that idea and bound the arm holes with self-made bias tape from the same fabric.

IMG_5248In the awkward photo above, you can see the bust poofs out above my own bust – another sign that it’s too tight up there. Gee, this isn’t really my best photo shoot, ha!

IMG_5221I have a confession… I rushed through those pleats in the front. I did half-assed tailor tacks and just hurriedly folded and sewed. I think next time I’ll adjust this step to gathers instead of pleats. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ pleats!

IMG_5222They do look better on an angle, though! I just loooove this fabric. Look how cute those dots are! But I feel all the details in the yoke of this shirt gets lost with such a busy fabric. *Sigh again.*

IMG_5250Wow, what a difference natural lighting makes, huh? I’m not much of a navy person, but I’m digging it with the combination of the light pink dots.

I do have another confession to make… the shirt was way too wonky with the snaps down the front lined up straight – how they should be – so I had to adjust the top snap so my shirt didn’t look more poorly suited to my body than it already is.

Off-center because that’s how we roll.

All-in-all I don’t think it’s a complete bust, but I had such high hopes for this shirt and silly me messed it up from the start with the wrong size. You KNOW I’ll be making this shirt again, though. The design is too cute and I have more flowy fabrics to use. The good news with this fabric is I have about a yard left, so I can make a cute summer tank top with it. I already have a pattern in mind… Simplicity 1589, I’m looking at you!


So… Vogue 1387, you defeated me this time, but I call a rematch! Be ready!


9 thoughts on “The Vogue Shirt of Doom!

  1. Not tragically wrong size from the appearance of the photos, but then I’m not wearing it. I can see that the tucks at the top release quite high, maybe your fabric isn’t drapey enough to get away with this and that’s why its puffing a bit. But, honestly in the photos I wouldn’t have noticed it.

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    1. Yeah it’s not too crazy but just tight enough to not be too comfortable. I’m a perfectionist, so if it’s not right the first time, I’m bummed! 🙂 I’m glad to hear it’s not too noticeable, though. That will give me more confidence to wear it!


    1. I’ve done a muslin once on “The Wedding Guest Dress of Doom” because I thought I was going to have lots of problems with it and the fabric was way too precious to me… mostly because I didn’t have a whole lot of it. I should have done one on this, but I got too cocky and wanted to bust out a project really fast (blog stress, ya know). Oh, well.

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