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Throwback Thursday: Baby New Year

It’s Thursday and you know what that means… yet another Throwback post! I know this is my third one in a row but I promise I’ll have some new projects to post soon! Things have just been going a little slower than usual but I’m planning on taking pictures of a couple of new makes this weekend.

Today I’ll share the very first presents I made for my nephew, Max, in the summer of 2012. Hmm what does almost every sewist make for a new baby? Why, a baby blanket of course!

DSC00788OK it doesn’t look like much just hanging out on my bed, but take a closer look:

DSC00789Cute little giraffes!! The blanket is double-sided… cute printed knit on one side and a soft textured minky on the other. I got both fabrics at my local mill end store, SAS. As far as the construction goes, I sandwiched the two fabrics together to quilt them, using the dots on the minky fabric as a guide. I then rolled the edges under and stitched, encasing the raw edges. Things got a little thick so I would probably look into a different method if I were to do this again. I had to hand-stitch some areas (mostly the corners) where my machine just couldn’t take it any more.

I was so excited about how cute this came out that I immediately had to use the scrap fabric for something. Sadly, there was too little left to make myself a shirt, so I settled with making baby beanies. I used a basic free template from the internet for newborns.

DSC00792The first beanie was reversible and pretty thick… not a whole lot of stretch there.

DSC00791The second beanie was my favorite – I think every baby (and adult) should have hats with ears!

I really want to say the beanies were super perfect, but my nephew was really a cannonball when he was born – over 10 pounds! So naturally his big baby head couldn’t fit into the tiny baby head beanies I made. 😦

Oh well, it’s a good thing baby blankets are one size fits all!


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