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Throwback Thursday: Sewing a Sweater

So I know in most of my summer posts, I complain about the heat. Now’s your chance to hear me complain about the cold! Winter finally settled in and believe it or not, we actually had snow for New Years!

DD and I went to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve because we’re such party animals… actually it’s because it was raining and cold outside! It’s no fun to set things on fire/ blow things up when it’s raining. Plus we’re acclimated to the desert, so anything cold and wet makes us die. But the good news is we woke up to beautiful snow (sludge) on New Year’s morning! That’s a pretty cool way to start the new year. It was also cool for the cats because we tossed them out on the balcony to get a good sense of the fun of snow!

Boudin is very cautious
Boudin is very cautious of this weird white stuff

The chickens weren’t as fun. They kind of kept away from the snow and Caroline started pecking at it after a while. I’m sure their feet were cold. I should probably make them socks. Is that a thing?? Please let chicken socks be a thing. I know chicken sweaters are in fashion…

"What the cluck?"
“What the cluck?”

So in celebration of everyone and everything freezing their booties off, today’s Throwback Thursday post features a sweater I sewed in winter 2014!

IMG_0834The pattern is McCall’s 6796 and I sewed a size 6. I lengthened the body by 1 inch but think I could get away with 2 inches next time. The fabric came from SAS for super cheap and is very stretchy and it shed like crazy. I didn’t have a serger at the time I made this which might have made things cleaner. I’ve worn it a fair bit but am scared my weird lightning-stitched seams won’t hold up well in the long run.

IMG_0833I definitely want to make this pattern again but think I may go up a size and lengthen the sleeves 1-2 inches. I actually have an eggplant purple knit fabric from GirlCharlee on its way to me that I think would make a cute short-sleeved version. I love the neck detail and you could get really creative with the buttons or other decoration!

IMG_0835This is a pretty easy make and you can do many cute varieties! I love the fast-to-sew projects that you can wear over and over again. 🙂 Now I need to work on some more winter wear. I’m currently working on a beautiful sheer flowy top that I’m hoping to post soon. Must. Stop. Making. Summer. Clothes!!! Sigh.

What are you doing to keep warm during this winter season?



P.S. Shout out to my mom today – it’s her birthday! ❤

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Sewing a Sweater

  1. That second photo of your cat is hilariously amazing!! I hope you make this sweater pattern again, because your first version was/is really cute. And seriously, that freaking lightning bolt stitch…I’ve made one knit thing and used that stitch, but never again!


    1. Boudin half liked, half hated the snow. He was doing that funny thing cats do – shaking each paw as he took a step. LOL.

      OMG the lightning bolt stitch… I’ve made so many things with it and they’re holding up pretty well but I’m 1000x faster with a serger now. Best invention ever.


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