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50th Post and Chicken Ornaments!!

Holy macaroni, y’all! This makes my 50th post here at Sew RED-y! I started this blog in June and I can’t believe how much I’ve been spamming y’all work has been put into this! I always say it but it’s always true– this is a great community to be a part of and I’m so grateful for you taking the time to check out my crazy sewing adventures!

To celebrate (and to make it easier to browse through all of those posts), I created “Project Gallery” and “Tutorials” links on that top bar you see there. Those pages provide pictures and quick links to get to the posts you want to see most. I ain’t no HTML/web design expert, but I hope it’s easy enough to scroll through to check out my creations! I will be updating those pages regularly so they keep up with my posts.

The Project Gallery page has posts in the order I made them, not necessarily in the order they were published. All of my projects are divided into the year it was made. Since I still have a few more “Throwback Thursday” posts to publish, the Project Gallery page will have those posts added in the order I made them, so they’ll sneak in between other older projects. Just a heads up!

OK, enough with business, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Since we had so many guests around the holidays, I did not have time to go all out and make handmade gifts for everyone. I did make a few chicken ornaments for ourselves, the parents, and our fellow chicken-parent friends.

IMG_4739These were made for ourselves and both sets of parents. It’s a tiny Caroline, Chickie von Poopenstein, and Buckbeak… our beloved feather babies! I don’t think the parents feel the same way about our chickens as we do, but I thought it would be nice for them to bring back reminders of their grand-chickens. 🙂

Are things getting a little weird now….?

IMG_4740I made my own pattern, which is probably why they came out looking a little derpy.

Bawk bawk, derp derp!

Our friends have a small chicken zoo (about 15 hens/roosters, I think?), so I made them a rainbow of derpy chicks to hang on their tree.

IMG_5087IMG_5088As you can see, my hand-sewing on the bottom of the chicks needs a little work. Definitely not my forte.

Speaking of derpy chickens, poor von P has been molting hard lately… so naturally I had to take embarrassing pictures of her to share with the world.

IMG_5115Best hairdo ever- mohawk chickie!

IMG_5118You’ll be beautiful again one day, I swear!

I guess that wraps up 2014, then! I’ll be back next year – I’m thinking of possibly doing the top 5 hits/misses of 2014 like every other sewing blog is doing now. I think it will be good to reminisce and see what worked and what didn’t.

‘Til next year, then! Cheers!


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