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Throwback Thursday: Mug Rug Gift Ideas

It’s exactly ONE WEEK until Christmas! Where has the time gone?

DD and I actually finished celebrating our second Christmas this week. My parents were in town and before that, HIS parents were in town. So we just celebrated Christmas a bit early. 3 Christmases in one year… pretty sweet, right?

For today’s TBT, I’ll share another gift idea for you last-minute crafters. It’s a mug rug! If you haven’t heard of these, they’re basically like a large coaster or small placemat. I like using one at work to rest my tea mug and snacks on. The best part is it’s machine washable!

I made these for Christmas 2012 for the ladies in my Sit and Sew group and for my mom. The tutorial can be found here, by Crafty Gemini. I took some creative liberty and made my own appliques to tailor it more to the recipient.

First up is the sewist’s best friend:

Psst… it’s a sewing machine!

I just think the dress form fabric is so cute!

Close-up of the blanket stitch on the applique
Close-up of the blanket stitch on the applique

The more practice you have, the better you get at it – I think I can whip one of these up in 30 minutes from start to finish now.

The next mug rug was for my mom, who loves fashion:

High heels, yo

These are very fun to make and are suitable for beginner sewists. You can make more simple outlines if you’re not used to messing with applique much. The trick is to go slowly.

I’ll throw in the first one I ever made (for myself) just for kicks:

A bit wonky, but it's flattened out a bit since.
A bit wonky, but it’s flattened out a bit since.

It matches the walls in my office. Gotta love that pale mint green!

Good enough to eat?

I’ve also made some for DD, my dad, and brother – All NOLA Saints related. WHO DAT.

Saints Mug Rug!
Saints Mug Rug!
Sweet blanket stitch
Sweet blanket stitch

And here’s one I made for some friends/coworkers for their going-away party:

Hilarious desert fabric FTW

Oh! And there’s another way to make these! Check out Dana’s post at about the mug rug she made for her husband with quilting and contrast binding around the edges. How cute!

There are so many options depending on what your recipient is into. How about cats or dogs or sushi or sports or zombies or snowflakes or cartoons or…..? What kind of mug rug would you want for yourself?

If you’ve made a mug rug before or are about to make one, what kind of design did you do? I want to see!!


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