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Arizona Summer (Winter?!) Dress

The weather has been in the 70’s here in Tucson, AZ lately so I guess that means it’s ummm…winter? We had a very mild winter last year and it looks like the same will happen again this year. Sorry for all of you who are suffering through the Polar Vortex yet again while we have beautiful weather! But believe me, I’m totally jealous of you during the summer months when it’s too hot to do anything.

I should be working on some winter sewing, but I guess since we don’t have a real winter, summer sewing works just as well. I made yet another Franken-pattern sun dress, much like my Dress of All Things Rock.


It’s basically a tank top (McCalls 6559) attached to a circle skirt (McCalls 6754). I made it up the same way as last time, but this time I used Freya (my serger) and it was super fast!

I love me some serged seams
I love me some serged seams

The fabric is from and it seems a bit softer than the other 30% stretch jerseys I’ve ordered from them. I couldn’t resist the cute Japanese-esque flower pattern.

IMG_4827I probably won’t be wearing this until the spring time even though I could get away with wearing it during our warm winter. But I’d rather bundle up and pretend it’s cold outside with a hot cup o’ wassail and rum.

And what’s a post about a circle skirt without some twirly pictures?


IMG_4845Oh, and that crazy red lipstick I’m wearing is F-Bomb by Urban Decay. I’m a big fan of UD’s eye shadows and lid primer, so I got a sample of the lipstick from Sephora. It’s the first time I’ve tried their lipstick and HOLY MACARONI is it awesome! I got this crazy burst of color with just one swipe!

OK well that about does it for this post. I’ll leave you with a picture of me posing with our ginormous grapefruits, courtesy of our chickens (providing the tree with natural fertilizer…)

IMG_4836Stay warm, y’all!


17 thoughts on “Arizona Summer (Winter?!) Dress

    1. Thank you! I have to name all of my stuff because I’m a weirdo… and I spend quite a bit of time with my sewing stuff that it’s almost like family. I’m going with a Norse gods/goddesses theme since my main machine is a Viking (his name is Odin).

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    1. Yay! I can’t imagine how cold it must feel in Rome. I was in Europe over the summer and it got a little chilly for me! I’m such a wimp when it comes to “cold” now. Stay warm!!

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  1. Cute dress! I really like the print of the fabric, too! I’m a little envious of your mild winters, but then again, I also enjoy being able to wear pants and sleeves all winter long and basically have my own “No-Shave November” from like Sept-April. So yeah, there’s good and bad, LOL.


    1. Thanks! Haha your own No-Shave November is awesome and yet a little disturbing. 😉 I hate the cold but when it’s a pretty warm winter it doesn’t make me ready for summer! Plus it’s easier to hide the rum cake and hot cocoa pounds under a sweatshirt. 😀

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    1. Woo, thanks! I get the Anne Hathaway thing a LOT. Like, at least 2x a week. I’ve resisted it in the past because I really don’t see it but since 90% of the people I meet tell me I look like her, then I’ve come to accept it. And hey, for anyone looking for someone to play her sister in a movie, I totally have some acting skills! *Wink wink!*

      For Shiz and Giggles, some other actresses I’ve been told I look like:
      -Audrey Hepburn (thanks, short hair!)
      -Sandra Bullock (especially by my Japanese friends)
      -Barbara Streisand (hmmm WTF? LOL)

      Have you been told you look like anyone? I can’t think of anyone famous for you but then again I don’t watch many movies!

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      1. i would take anne hathaway as a compliment lol you could totally be her stunt double!! in the top picture in this post you REALLY look like her. maybe it’s the face you are making? not sure lol

        i could see audrey a little but not sandra or barbara…

        the only person i have been told i look like is ashley tisdale but that was when i was in high school and i was a lot skinnier. i really don’t think i look like anyone…hmmm…maybe there is a buzzfeed quiz that will tell me who i look like lol

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