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Throwback Thursday: Owl Gift Ideas

We’re in December and you know what that means! It’s time to frantically craft or buy gifts for those you love. Hooray for the Christmas (and Hanukkah) season!

For the next few Thursdays, I’ll post things I’ve made for others for the holidays. Today features Christmas 2012’s gifts – OWL MADNESS!!!

DSC00861I think owls are super cute and if they’re good enough to deliver mail for Harry Potter, then they’re good enough for me. I made stuffed owl ornaments because, hey, if I like owls everyone else must, too… right? I made about 32 of these and I was almost owled out!

I sketched a basic owl shape and cut out the outline and details from regular computer paper. I then appliqued the eyes, beak, wings, and the top of the head using a blanket stitch. This part took forever because I had to keep changing out the thread colors and sew slowly for the small shapes.

I then hand-sewed the button eyes and flower buttons before stitching the front and back pieces together. I forgot to add the ribbon before stitching for a few of them, so don’t forget to stick your ribbon in first! Also leave a space at the bottom for stuffing with poly fill.

Most of the backs were plain, but for the New Orleans Saints Football owls (for my dad, DD, and DD’s dad), I appliqued a Fleur de Lis! WHO DAT.

DSC00862These also make cute cat toys. I know because DD’s cousin’s cat is ALL ABOUT DEM OWLS.

I sent a few to my friends in Japan and they told me that owls are a symbol of luck there. I’m glad they have a good meaning or else I would feel like a jerk. 🙂 I hope their gifts have brought them some luck already!

The next gift was for my adorable nephew, Max. I was on a roll after making all of those ornaments, so I made a larger stuffed animal version. The front is quilting cotton and the back is super soft minky. He was 5 months old at the time, so this was perfect for him to cuddle and drool on.

Sleepy time owl

I also found these awesome tags at Hancock Fabrics and couldn’t resist:

DSC00864The final handmade owl gift was also for Max. I couldn’t resist making him a matching bib!

DSC00865I used the Sew She Sews [free] pattern and tutorial, tweaking it to accommodate my cute sleepy owl.

DSC00866I love how this came out. The fabric and textures are fun! I hand-stitched the eyes to try to give it a “sketched” feeling.

I also couldn’t resist attaching another fun tag to the back:

DSC00867The bib was the perfect size for him. DD had to test it out on our cat, Tasso, just to make sure it wouldn’t choke a baby. Tasso totally didn’t mind and started falling asleep with the bib on. Cat tested, Aunt RED approved!

Cutest baby EVER

That about does it for this week’s TBT! I hope this provides some inspiration for holiday gifts.

Now it’s time to get crackin’ on that holiday crafting/shopping!



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