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Throwback Thursday: Bridal Brunch Dress

DD’s and my wedding anniversary is approaching! One year ago on October 12, the magic happened. Well, maybe not magic but it was a lot of fun/stress/relief/more fun/exhaustion! That’s how weddings go. But for this TBT I’m not sharing the projects I made for my wedding day (pssst, stop by next week for that!). Instead, I’ll share a dress I made originally for the rehearsal but at the last minute decided it would work better for my bridal brunch the week before!

I used a Project Runway Simplicity pattern, 2176:2176I had this beautiful fabric I bought from Joann’s that had been sitting in my stash, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

DSC01274Shiny, pink bows, and lace? Super girly, super cute.

I think I made it up in a size 10, but graded out a size or two at the waist because I’m crazy like that.

NOT what I looked like the day of the brunch!
NOT what I looked like the day of the brunch!

Woof, this dress calls for a made-up face. Anyway, it was a simple enough pattern but I think I shouldn’t have made the waist bigger as it does this weird puffing thing.

Better view
Better view

And now we come to the back. That zipper. OMG. I had an invisible zipper whose sole purpose on this earth was to make my life hell.

Wonky zipper from HELL
Wonky zipper from HELL

It got stuck every time I put it on or took it off. DD had to try to pry me loose from it multiple times, once for about 30 minutes straight. It was awful. I somehow was able to squeeze into it the day of the brunch without having a huge panic attack. Zipper, I hate you. It has since been removed and replaced with a regular boring zipper that is not invisible. I wore it to my friend’s wedding last March and I could not bear to deal with the Zipper from Hell anymore.

Oh! This is the first time I tried lining a dress! I heard a little too late that the reason skirts or dresses get caught all up in your crotch or stick to your thighs is because there’s no lining. So I didn’t want that to happen here! The pattern didn’t call for a lining, so I just cut out Bemberg Rayon lining (go big or go home) from the pattern pieces. That’s how most linings go, right?

So proud of my first lining!

Anyway, it was a great day with great people and a decent dress. I’m not sure how much wear I’ll get out of it as the poofy waist really bothers me. Maybe I’ll just wait until I grow a spare tire around my middle and then it’ll work? Yes?

Do any of you have zipper from hell stories? I know there must be others out there, those things can be fiddly!!


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Bridal Brunch Dress

  1. Well done, it turned out beautifully! I only make bags because clothing patterns confuse me but I’ve had many-a-zipper try to ruin my day. Happy Anniversary!


    1. Thank you! Clothing patterns can be a nightmare, but it’s not too bad when you start out simple and go from there. Bags are pretty awesome, though and I love how versatile sewing is – accessories, clothing, home goods, toys, etc. Now if only we can get those zippers to behave!


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