Meet Freya and Brunhilde!

Sewing life has been exciting for me lately — I have expanded my family!

First let me introduce you to my newest work horse, Freya:

IMG_4376She was a gift/hand-me-down from my soon-to-be-niece, Angie. Thanks, girl!!! This year I was determined to get a serger anyway, so this came at the right time. Now I have never used a serger before, so I clumsily tried to thread her a few times and had no idea what was what. I decided to bring her to Sit and Sew to see if my genius sewing guru Dana could help me figure her out. After some tweaking here and there, we got Freya to make a beautiful stitch!

So pretty I want to cry
So pretty I want to cry

So, where did the name Freya come from? I wanted to keep with the Norse theme (hello, Husquvarna Viking Odin and Sears Kenmore Frigga). I thought this little Singer seemed feminine enough and knew she would make me produce like a bajillion times faster, so the Norse Goddess Freya seemed a good match. She is the goddess of fertility and I thought Frigga and Freya just sounded so cute together.

Beautiful lady
Beautiful lady

She came with a board and catch-bag for all of the scraps… awesome!


I am so flippin’ excited! This makes me feel like a legit sewist now that I can make more professional looking garments.

And speaking of profesh, I decided to buy a professional dress form! Everyone, meet Brunhilde:

Queen of the Valkyries
Queen of the Valkyries

In Norse mythology, Brunhilde is a shield maiden and a Valkyrie. I pretty much know of her through one of the best Looney Tunes episodes ever:


I got Brunhilde through The Shop Company. I first heard of this company through Gertie’s blog review. (Pssst, there’s a discount code in there!) Then Lauren did a review herself, so I’m not going to review it here. Just know that the prices are probably the best you’ll find and the quality is pretty darn good as far as I can tell.

IMG_4369Oh, and look! she has collapsible shoulders!! You just press them in to collapse, and press again to go back to normal!

IMG_4371I would recommend the collapsible shoulders as it’s easier to get garments on and off.  She is also pinnable, but you have to go in at an angle since there’s a hard core underneath…. meaning…..Brunhilde is HARDCORE!!

IMG_4370Her measurements are slightly off from mine (smaller waist and hips) but I can always pad her out if I have to.

Dat butt

I also like how she is close enough to a real human figure. Most dress forms I’ve seen have no butt at all. Maybe that works for some people, but not for my badunk.

Another cool thing is the guides for princess seams:

IMG_4374And a raised side seam to feel through your garment:

IMG_4373Anyway, that’s the newest members of the RED sewing family! I am SEW excited about this! Now (hopefully) my speed will increase as my seams will be finished faster and I don’t have to keep trying on garments throughout construction to check fit.

It’s like Christmas here and I LOVE IT.


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