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Throwback Thursday: Jewelry Roll To Go

Hello, everyone! For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I’ll keep with the One Yard Wonders theme. Say hello to another easy, cute project – the jewelry roll:

Yay more poopy smart phone pics!
Yay more poopy smart phone pics!

I made this for one of my Sit and Sew ladies for Christmas (yes, I am part of a bi-monthly sewing group and it’s AWESOME). I catered it to her liking, i.e. the color green! Plus she is super crafty and makes her own jewelry and travels a lot, so this was a win!

Looks just like a present!

This is another super easy, instant gratification make. I might make one for myself soon since I have a bit of travel coming up for work.

IMG_0756The ribbon in the middle can be used for earrings or rings and the zippered pouches can be used for necklaces and bracelets! This is much cuter than Ziploc bags and I think there’s less chance of everything getting all tangled. Plus the cute factor is a win. 🙂

So there’s another fun project from One Yard Wonders. My book is coming in handy, especially for gift ideas. Go check it out! (And again, I’m not getting paid to review this or was even asked to review the book… it was a gift for me and I just like it!)


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