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Throwback Thursday: Silky Purple Preggers Dress

Happy Thursday! I bet you can’t say that 5x fast… silky purple preggers dress!

First off, let me say that I am not currently nor ever was “preggers.” This dress just kind of makes me look that way, thanks to the empire waistline. This TBT features a make from 2012 – Butterick 5639, view B:

B563967e042ec44c2b21174d8c73cfccab721Even though this style of dress doesn’t do much for my figure, it looked too cute to pass up during the $1 sale at Joann’s. I also couldn’t pass up this beautiful purple and black flower silky print at Joann’s, neither.

Go go bad phone pics!

This was my first time sewing with a silky-type fabric. I don’t remember being too traumatized by it, but my sizing was off in the bust and I had to do some super tweaking to make it fit right. Also, this fabric frays like the dickens!

Modeled by my lovely assistant
Modeled by my lovely assistant

I used pinking shears to help with the fraying seam allowances, but there’s still some hairy bits on the inside. Oh well.

530966_772092628225_2097687235_nI’ve worn this a handful of times, both for going out and to work. The last time I wore this, I had a minor wardrobe malfunction. It was a windy spring day in Tucson and I was outside on a break at work. A huge breeze came and lifted my little floaty dress all the way to the bust seam. Yep, another awkward Marilyn Monroe moment brought to you by RED creations. There were a few witnesses, but I’m sure I was also caught on the security cameras, too. The party never stops when I’m around, ya herrd.

Now that I’m thinking about it, this is the second dress I have blogged about that flipped up with the wind. I should start putting weights in my hems…. or just never go outside again.

Tiny hem, not fit for putting weights in

Isn’t this fabric so lovely, though? I kind of have a thing for purple and black.

Wonky zipper seams
Wonky zipper seams

Whoah I did not do such a good job with the zipper. I should have stabilized the fabric first, I guess.  Womp womp.

IMG_4340All in all, it’s a cute dress (WITH POCKETS!). Bummer is the fabric loves to stick to tights and I prefer to wear this in cooler weather as it doesn’t breathe too well. Meh, it was a practice run at a new fabric and I consider it a success if it’s decent enough to wear out in public (even though some public indecency might happen when the wind hits…).


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