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Throwback Thursday: Asymmetrical Hems, Ahoy!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Question: Is it the weekend yet? No? Almost?! Maybe?!?! Ugh.

Another question: Are asymmetrical hems cool? I’m not sure if they ever were but boy do I love them. This TBT features McCalls M6359, view B from 2012:


I was first attracted to this pattern for view C, which I made first and was a DISASTER because I wasn’t aware of McCall’s awful knit sizing issues. I think I made it in a size 10? Which now I know I’m really a 6 for McCall’s knit patterns. You live, you learn.

Anyway, here’s the first make of view B, modeled by my lovely assistant and with BONUS BABY BOUDIN!


Talk about throwback! That’s when I could actually pick Boudin up with one arm. Now I can barely manage two…

Now where was I? Oh, yeah, sewing and stuff.

DSC00765I flippin’ LOVE this fabric. I found it at SAS for $1.99/yd. The swirlies are sooooo cool and remind me of Asian art cloud swirlies. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to be had, so I could only make this shirt and use the remnants for an infinity scarf for a friend.

DSC00764Now I do have a slight problem with asymmetrical hems. I have quite the badunk, so the way these weird side pointy things are makes me look like my hips are SUPER HUGE. Sometimes I don’t care, but I think it’s preventing me from wearing it as often as I would like.

This was also my first successful attempt at getting store-bought bias tape to lay somewhat flat for such a stretchy knit. I highly recommend just making your own bias tape with the same fabric as your shirt using Andrea of Four Square Walls’ technique. Oh, and check it out – she’s showing off her makes from the same pattern, view C!

So with my hip problems aside, I decided to make yet another shirt. This time, I thought I would make it less “hippy” by cutting off one of the side danglies.

20130525_161423Not sure if it really did the trick, but it is a bit more flattering than the black one on me. Of course it looks OK on my lovely assistant, but she ain’t got no hips!

This fabric is also from SAS and if you look closely, there’s skulls lurking about!

20130525_161441So since I love both of these fabrics and I hate having all of that hard work going to waste, I’m contemplating just hacking off the danglies on both shirts, making it a “normal” tank top.



P.S. I noticed it is September 11th. Stay strong, ‘MURICA!

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