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Cambie: Hoping for Autumn

In my panic of realizing I need to update my work wardrobe, another Sewaholic Cambie came into existence. Meet Autumn Cambie:

Another Cambie!
Another Cambie! POCKETS! w00t w00t!

In the beginning of my sewing adventures, I found this soft brown and pink plaid fabric for $2.99/yd at SAS. In my mind at the time, this would be a matching pants and blazer combo and I bought 5 yards. But fast forward to now when I need clothes ASAP… ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

IMG_4245I had decent luck with my first Cambie, so I wanted to try View B with the gathered skirt option.

IMG_4235While I was making it, I thought the gathered skirt + sweetheart neckline = a little too frou-frou girly. But now that it’s finished, I don’t get that feeling anymore. Whew.

Side View
Back view. Slighty wrinkly :-
Back view. Slighty wrinkly :-\

Since I had a ton of this fabric and I’m currently trying to stash-bust, I cut the lining in the same fabric. Umm word of caution: DON’T DO THIS. It may be OK for the top part to make it stable, but when I cut out the skirt lining, I realized it was going to be crazy bulky — especially with TWO gathered skirts in a medium-weight fabric. Derp.

(Hint: the Cambie pattern has you sew up 2 of the same dress… one in lining fabric, the other in your shell fabric to make a beautiful Cambie sandwich).

So I thought, “How in the world am I going to MAKE THIS WORK?” Heck if I was going to run to Joann’s for Bemberg Rayon lining. Simple: Just cut the View A skirt lining option so there will only be one layer of gather at the waistline, hence cutting down on the bulk. Genius!

Cambie inception
Cambie inception

This is the dress turned inside out and you can see it’s a perfectly formed Cambie View A! And note that I cut the skirt lining on the crosswise grain because I’M A REBEL…. and it saved fabric and no one will see it anyway. Um, except you… and the rest of the world, I guess…

Back inside-out
Back inside-out

While this kind of worked out, I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a reason there’s fabric suited to lining only. This dress weighs like FIVE POUNDS. I kid you not. She’s a beefy girl and therefore adds a little more beef to me. Plus it’s way too hot to wear now, so I’m praying fall makes an early appearance here in hell the desert.


Cambie action shot. Tasso's elevator butt approves.
Cambie action shot. Tasso’s elevator butt approves.

Now send some good juju my way so fall gets here FAST! *Please!* Here, I’ll be a lady and curtsey for you since this is definitely a girly dress and is basically made for curtseying.

IMG_4242Have you ever had to completely change your game plan in the middle of a project? Did it work out or not? Do tell in the comments!

Sew on, mes amis!


10 thoughts on “Cambie: Hoping for Autumn

  1. It looks great! I have been looking for a pattern like this and I’m definitely going to start looking into the Sewaholic patterns after seeing several amazing outcomes from that pattern brand!


    1. Thank you! I’ve sewn the Renfrew and Cambie so far. The Thurlow trousers are next on my list and I’m sure they’ll be great to sew like the others. The instructions are pretty clear and they’re great patterns to use over and over again.

      Happy sewing!

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  2. That is a gorgeous dress!
    I made a dress last year (maybe the year before?) and its lovely, buuuut its a bit see-through, so I don’t wear it. So best be 5 pounds than see-through, I say!


    1. Thanks!

      See-through might be a problem, lol! Maybe a slip would work?

      At least I’ll stay warm in my dress. I just shouldn’t get on the scale with it. 😉


      1. I’ve thought about a slip, but its such a summery dress it seems strange. I think Ill just have to do it; can’t just leave it in the wardrobe forever!

        Haha, yep, no scales for you!


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