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Dress of all Things ROCK

Happy Monday, y’all! … OK, Monday may not be the happiest day of the week but I’m pretty darn happy about this finished dress:

Complete with "BOOT TO THE FACE" boots
Complete with “BOOT TO THE FACE” boots

This is actually a Franken-pattern where I took 2 different McCall’s patterns and merged them into something even better. Sometimes a pattern is cute, but needs a little more tweaking to fit your style/body type better. I prefer the fit of McCall’s M6559 top portion and the circle skirt of McCall’s M6754 to make a nice fit-and-flare dress, which I find works best for my shape (AKA lots of junk in the trunk).

Showing off the full circle skirt = TONS OF HEMMING
Showing off the full circle skirt = TONS OF HEMMING

The fabric is a cotton jersey from I bought 3 yards, initially thinking I would make leggings and a tank top out of it, but it doesn’t have much stretch….actually barely any stretch at all. I knew leggings were out of the question, so what could eat up enough fabric to make my purchase worthwhile?

IMG_4195A nice summer/fall dress! I wore this all day Saturday and it was super comfy. I see more of these in my future. But beware! When DD and I were out Saturday night, a breeze hit me and I basically flashed all of downtown Tucson.  And believe me, it wasn’t as glamorous as having a true Marilyn Monroe moment. Sigh… the downfall of wearing dresses.

I used a stretch stitch for the whole dress (learning from my past mistakes), but decided to just do a plain ol’ straight stitch for the hem x 2… no twin needle usage here. It’s huge anyway, so I don’t see me needing to stretch it out to get it on and off. I did notice it pulled a little weird but with some pressing, it laid flat. In hindsight, I probably should have done a stretch stitch for the hem but whatevs.


And the best part about a fun dress with a circle skirt? TWIRLING!!!!!


So there you have it — another successful Franken-pattern project! Now go have fun making whatever floats your boat.



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