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Throwback Thursday: Summery Summer Dress

How is everyone handling the summer? Are y’all loving it, still soaking up the sun? Or are you hating every second of it because OH MY GOD IT’S STUPID HOT AND I HATE EVERYTHING?!

Yeah, the latter for me.

So, in honor of the summer that will never end because I live in a freaking desert, this Throwback Thursday features a cool summer dress I made back in July 2012:

Love the back detail

The pattern is McCalls M4444, view B:

M4444I bought this pattern because I went crazy and bought everything I thought would be “easy” (as the pattern front claims) that was $1/pattern back in the day. Ummm I guess it was easy, but I failed to read the finished measurements hidden somewhere in/on the pattern and the bust came out way too big. Thanks to my sewing guru, Dana, and a little tweaking, I made it look pretty decent. I guess it turned out for the best as it’s not as low as the pattern suggests, so I can get away with wearing this to work with a cardigan.

The main fabric is a “cotton poly” from SAS which was $1.99/yd. It reminded me of fun Japanese stuff as it looks like it’s covered in cherry blossoms and Japanese fans…. but upon closer inspection, those fans are actually little cherry trees. Still cute! I still have quite a bit of this fabric and may make a second pair of mini-bloomers as it’s quite breathable and great for hot summer days… which is like, ALL of summer. HOT. UGH.

Anyway, the pink trim fabric came from my tiny stash at the time. I believe I got it from WalMart to make some girly stuff for DD’s nieces.

If I were to make this dress again, I would probably go for an invisible zipper as the white zipper gets pretty crazy at the top there. I guess I didn’t care too much at the time as my hair covered pretty much everything. I would also probably omit the hard-to-see buttons at the top of the halter piece as I never have to undo them since the dress is easy enough to get into by unzipping. I guess it’s there for cute details, but meh. Time consuming.

Anyway, it’s a decent dress that’s had a bit of wear just because it’s so breezy and semi-flattering. Plus, you can totally nerd out and make it into a Mario Bros. Piranha Plant Dress:

How cool is this?!
How cool is this?!

Stay cool, sewing nerds!


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