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Throwback Thursday: Simplicity Shirt of Doom

Lately it seems like I’ve been posting about “doom” projects. You know, those projects that are a little trickier than you’d like or that end up turning their back on you in the worst way. But don’t worry, this is the last one for a while — I promise!

Enter Simplicity 1613 in January of 2013:

Looks easy enough, right?
Looks easy enough, right?

When this pattern first came out, I was intrigued by A, B, and C’s neckline. I thought it would be cute for a work top and thought it would be SEW EASY.

I plunged into View B, utilizing some of my super stretchy leftover fabric from the Skirt Turned Cautionary Tale. There were so many hurdles making this darn shirt- some my fault, most Simplicity’s fault.

Problem 1: This pattern is drafted for women who are shaped like an upside-down triangle. There was a CRAZY amount of ease in the chest area but it barely fit in the tummy/hips. I had to rip and sew a tiiiiiny seam allowance in the waist area.

Problem 2: THOSE STRAPS. I don’t know if I was still kind of a sewing n00b (1 1/2 years of straight practice…) or if a toddler wrote the instructions for the neckline, but I just could not wrap my head around the construction.

Problem 3: Odin was brand new to me and I really wanted to use his “lightning” stitch (AKA stretch stitch). I used that thing, all right, but I failed to check my fit beforehand. Meaning I was stuck ripping out the most difficult seams to rip out ever known to man multiple times. I’ve learned my lesson now and take the extra time to baste stitch.

But in the end, after much hair-pulling, I did it!

DSC01241It’s not the best fitting garment I have as it’s a little too tight in the shoulders (a common problem of mine) and tummy. This material stretches pretty well although it doesn’t breathe much. Also, the cutout in the middle is wayyyy low for my liking.

Call me a prude, but this doesn't seem work appropriate.
Call me a prude, but this doesn’t seem work appropriate.

And now for an action shot!

Long hurr don't curr

I’ve only worn this twice but maybe I should pull it out this fall if DD and I ever get out of the house on the weekend. It’s not too bad, really.

So one day when I was perusing, I came across this dress:

Check out that neckline!! I think this is a super cute dress and it’s been in my sewing queue (in my head) forever. It looks like the trauma has worn off and I may just pull out Simplicity 1613 one more time… because $50+ for a dress that I can replicate for like, $15 or less? Pfffft.

And has anyone else noticed quite a bit of Modcloth’s stuff resembles some sewing patterns floating around out there? ANOTHER REASON I LOVE SEWING.


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