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Throwback Thursday: Skirt Turned Into Cautionary Tale

Happy Thursday, y’all!

For this TBT, I’d like to share a comfortable skirt that’s been worn to death at work but ended up turning its back on me years later.

2655Simplicity 2655 was one of the first skirt patterns I bought. It’s not really my style, but I was looking for “easy” projects at the time. I made this in winter 2011/2012. It’s made for woven fabrics (i.e. not much stretch) but I found this cool spandex-y poly(?) fabric at SAS and bought way too much of it. I maybe was drawn to it because it almost exactly matched the pattern model.

Looking like an Oreo cookie
Looking like an Oreo cookie

It WAS pretty easy to sew up. I didn’t have any major issues and tried my hand at adding some stretch lace for trim to break up the patterned fabric. It has nice drape and is super cool to wear in Arizona’s blazing hot summers while still looking put-together.

429912_699154232355_571741_nI’ve worn it on and off for the past 3 years until it decided to make an ass of me (literally). It wasn’t a problem that I sewed with a stretchy fabric, it was a problem that I didn’t use a stretch stitch. Yep, total n00b sewing mistake.

One day at work, I was in DD’s office during break (yes, we work together and I LOVE IT). When I got up to return to my desk, he said, “I can see your butt.”


The back right stitch had busted open a good 3 inches, completely showing my butt when I moved a certain way.

Holy. Macaroni. I had worked in the public eye that morning and was up and down and all around the office that day. WHO ELSE SAW THIS??? Luckily, I had a cardigan on hand to wrap around my waist until lunchtime, where we drove home for me to change. Yes, we also live 5 minutes away from work and I LOVE IT.

That night I mended it by super-secure hand stitching – no zigzag/stretch stitching could be done since I Steam-A-Seamed the seam allowances down securely. It’s been hanging in my closet since as I am scared to death to wear it in public again.

Has anyone else had this horrifying experience? I mean, I’ve busted a few pants-butt seams while working retail in the past but never from one of my darling creations. It’s like having a kid that turns his back on you and ends up hating you and wanting to make your life miserable in any way possible. Yet, I still love it and can’t bear to toss it. Sigh.

So heed my warning: Use the proper stitch for the proper fabric or it will come to bite you in the ass later.


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Skirt Turned Into Cautionary Tale

  1. Live and learn. Thanks so much for sharing this. I bought some stretchy lace trim to sew on the cuffs of my sweaters so this is very good to know. Cheers, Ann


    1. It sounds like you’ll at least be safe from any ripped seam faux pas! Your idea sounds really cute. I’d love to see the finished result! 😀


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