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Throwback Thursday: Zakka Owls

Maybe it’s my love for Harry Potter, or that it’s a fad, or that they are just so darn cute but I kind of have a thing for owls. The huge eyes, small beak, pissy or surprised expression… gah so cute! I came across this tutorial for zakka style owls back when I was still a n00b at sewing. I decided to give it a try in June 2012.DSC00773I didn’t have much of a stash back then, so I went to Wally World to get nice, cheap fabrics (some at $1/yd!) to play with. I also grabbed some multi-packs of buttons and went to work.

Angry eyes or googly eyes?

I thought some lace trim would be cute to mimic feathers and used gold shiny thread for the beaks. DSC00772This was crazy easy to put together and I was surprised at how fast it took me at the time. These are now hanging in my cubicle at work and they’re pretty much a hit. They make me smile and they make my coworkers smile, so yay! Now if only I can bring my other birds to work….

We wouldn't cause any trouble...
We wouldn’t cause any trouble…

Have you handmade something to spruce up your work area? (Then immediately been asked by your coworkers to make them one, too?… sigh…)


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