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Throwback Thursday: Colette Mini-Bloomers

There’s something about summer that gets me really into pajamas. Maybe it’s the fact that when it’s over 105 degrees outside (ouch, Arizona) all I want to do is be in my PJs and do NOTHING.

Colette Patterns came out with the Madeleine Mini Bloomers, a free PDF-pattern, a while back. While most bloggers model it themselves, I’ll digress and show you my sewing tabletop modeling:

After washing... slightly wrinkly
After washing… slightly wrinkly
Waves of girly fabric awesomeness
Waves of girly fabric awesomeness

I initially whipped these up after DD and I got back in town from getting married in October 2013. Our friends were having a Halloween party and I wanted to go as Sailor Jupiter from the ever-popular Sailor Moon anime series. Problem was the costume was crazy short and I’d be mooning everyone all night. I’m so glad I had this pattern in my stash so I could be somewhat decent that night.

Jupiter star power!
Jupiter star power!

So after Halloween, these got downgraded to PJ bottoms. The pink ribbon I used for the leg openings is all torn up now (thanks, Wally World products and hardcore washing machine). I may just throw in some elastic instead since the ribbons always need adjusting to fit my legs.

That’s it for this week’s TBT…. now go watch some new Sailor Moon!!


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