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Throwback Thursday: Jammin’ Jammies

For this week’s TBT, I’m throwing some Jammies in July at ya. I made these in the summer/ fall of 2012 from the Simplicity 2317 pattern. I’ve worn the dickens out of these, so they’re currently a little tattered/pilled (or should we say “loved?”).

The first pair is a super soft salmon- colored knit with tiny yellow polka dots.


If you want to make some for yourself, beware these can get a little cheeky if you have a badunk like me.

I love love this color and still have a bit of the fabric left, so I’m thinking perhaps a Plantain t-shirt sometime in the near future.

Up next is the rock ‘n’ roll black with red stars:

Camouflage kitty photobombers…

I don’t think I had black or red buttons at the time, so I turned to DD for guidance. He recommended I put different colored buttons on it (who cares what it looks like? They are PJs after all..). And so it was done.


You can tell the sketchy quality of this fabric.. but hey it was $2 a yard. Can’t beat that!

I hope to squeeze a couple of more years out of these. They’re such a fast make, I may stash bust and whip up a few for next summer!

Stay cool, peeps.


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