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Throwback Thursday: Passport Cover

Hooray, another TBT! I may as well stick with the passport theme since our belated honeymoon is coming up. Let’s hear it for the pirate-y passport cover, yarrrr:


I found a tutorial online not too long after I started sewing and thought it would be a nice, quick, easy project that I could handle at the time. I also thought it would be a good idea to have a cover so when you’re traveling it’s not crazy obvious that it’s your passport. Can’t trust those pickpockets, yo. Plus it’s all “personalized” and stuff.


The fabric I used is leftover passport stamp fabric from my work shirt featured last week, pirate fabric from a pair of ill-fitting PJ pants I made for my brother (learn how to measure yourself, bro!), and the inner fabric is a scrap from Wal-Mart (herein after called Wally World– WARNING click the link at your own risk… there’s lots of twerking cuz NOLA keeps it classy). I thought red top stitching would be spiffy.

The construction is easy and straightforward. I omitted the ties as it would create more bulk- and the “newer” passports circa 2007 are pretty darn bulky enough.


Now we are ready to pillage the international seas with sewing awesomeness! Now give us your oranges and ladies so we don’t get scurrrrvy!

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