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Throwback Thursday: Passport Madness

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s time for our first Throwback Thursday post!

This is one of the “cooler” makes that I’m proud of, but due to unfortunate fitting issues doesn’t get worn much. Meet the Passport Shirt:


I made this within my first year of sewing (2011/2012ish). It’s McCall’s M5138 and the fabric is a quilting cotton from Joann’s. I have a slight obsession fondness for passports.


I would force myself to try new techniques with every project I made in order to progress faster so I could make all the cool things. This was definitely a huge stepping stone with a collar and buttonholes. The buttonholes were probably the easiest thing but that collar… geez.

I ended up adding 2″ to the length because I’m taller than your average bear and I don’t like to show skin when I bend down. That was the only adjustment I made while cutting out the fabric. I wasn’t quite diving into the world of pattern adjustments just then (this was my first time adjusting anything) so I naively went with the recommended size according to my measurements which present RED would scream, “NO DON’T TRUST THE BIG 4 MEASURING SYSTEM” but past RED was like, “SWEET THIS WILL WORK AND BE AWESOME.” Oh, how wrong past RED was.

Teeny tiny seam allowance
Teeny tiny seam allowance

The problem was it was wayyy too tight in the tummy area. I took out the side seams as far as they would go (see above.. this is after a few washings so don’t mind the fuzzy edge). It doesn’t look too bad on but it’s not too comfortable and the buttons are super strained when I sit down. Wah.


Pretty neat collar top stitching, BOOYA
Pretty neat collar top stitching, BOOYA

Maybe I can resurrect Passport Shirt after a few more weeks at the gym. Darn you, beer and chocolate for being so high in calories yet so delicious.

Have you made something that was SEW COOL yet ended up not fitting too well? Share your bummer moments in the comments below!


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